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AMJ-S Module: Less jack spacing. More application possibilities.

The new, field assembly AMJ-S Module offers cabling professionals various possibilities in their daily cabling tasks. It is ideally suitable for use in housing and utility building.

  • TS45 mounting rail outlet in multimedia distributor

    Cabinets were previously equipped exclusively for energy subdistributions. With the new TS45 mounting rail outlet from Telegärtner it can be upgraded to a multimedia distributor for housing and utility building. For this, the AMJ-S Module is simply inserted into the mounting rail outlet housing and clipped onto the TH35 mounting rail. This makes wiring in the multimedia distributor child‘s play.

  • The height of the TS45 and cover inside the cabinet are optimally
    matched. The AMJ-S Module is installed so that the latch protection
    of the patch cord can be operated from above.

  • Outlet with universal module carrier

    Thanks to its slim design, the AMJ-S Module can easily be combined with covers of various switching program manufacturers. The Telegärtner module carrier enables the use of the well-known AMJ45 faceplates as well as UAE faceplates. This offers network professionals unachieved possibilities to cope with their daily work. Of course, the AMJ-S Module fits into the well-established single- /double- /triplegang faceplates from Telegärtner.

  • 19” frontplate and mini distributor

    The AMJ-S Module with Keystone mounting cut-out (19.3 x 14.7 mm) fits all Telegärtner 19” module racks and mini distributors MPD8 or MPD12.

    Packing density in the 19” faceplate:
    up to 24 ports in 1 HU
    up to 48 ports in 1.5 HU

  • Consolidation Point

    The AMJ-S Module is ideally suitable for use as a consolidation point such as the MPD8 CP mini distributor from Telegärtner. In addition suitable CP links can be assembled with the AMJ-S Module as an extension from the consolidation point to the telecommunication outlet.

AMJ-S Module: Less fuss. More ease of installation.

The small AMJ-S Module consists of just two parts which can be assembled quickly and securely fit into versatile applications.

  • Vorschaubild

    Step 1:
    Integrated wire management

    • Remove cable jacket, fold braid shield backwards, untwist pairs, cut pairs under an angle and insert them in the wire manager.

    • INSTALLATION ADVANTAGE: The coloured wire of the wire pair is ALWAYS on the inside.

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    Step 2:
    Fine graded strain relief

    • Lock strain relief with the bar. It adapts perfectly to the respective cable diameter.
    • Cut off excess length.

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    Step 3:
    Fast assembly

    • Place the cover on the housing: Guides on the housing of the wire manager ensure easy joining to the housing.
    • Press the module parts together with a pair of pliers.

    • INSTALLATION ADVANTAGE: NO special tools required.

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    Step 4:
    Simple 360° shield connection

    • Actuate slide for 360° shield connection.

  • Vorschaubild

    Step 5:
    Versatile application possibilities

    • Mounting rail outlet TS45
    • Outlet
    • 19” module carrier
    • Consolidation point

AMJ-S Module Cat.6A: The Telegärtner Modular System - Slim Edition

With the AMJ-S Module Telegärtner presents the next evolutionary stage of Cat.6A connecting hardware for structured cabling. The fully shielded AMJ-S Module for 10 Gigabit Ethernet is based on the transmission advantages of the million times proven connection technology from Telegärtner and offers cabling professionals various possibilities in their daily cabling tasks.

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AMJ-S Module: Less space required. More product innovations.

Telegärtner already made a mark on the flexibility in structured cabling with the proven AMJ Module K Cat.6A.
With the new AMJ-S Module Cat.6A

  • Cat.6A Jack
  • according to ISO/IEC 11801 AMD2 (2010-04) with the proven Telegärtner contact overbending protection

  • Standardised interface
  • according to IEC 60603-7-51

  • Design capable module carrier
  • to fit the switching programs of all well-known manufacturers

  • Cable strain relief
  • for cable diameters from 5 to 9 mm

  • Cat.6A wire management
  • with full metal shield between the wire pairs, available with colour coding T568A or T568B; excellent transmission properties as connecting hardware Cat.6A

  • Quick grounding
  • AMJ-S Modules can be connected directly to pre-assembled grounding cables at the panel connector, e.g. with a steel cable duct

  • Integrated 360° shield connection
  • Automatic adaptation to cable diameter in one action

  • IDC termination
  • For large bandwidth on copper conductors with solid wire AWG26/1 - 22/1 and for flexible stranded wires AWG27/7 - 22/7

    AMJ-S Module: Technical Data:

    Dimension: L 44.1 x W 14.8 x H 23.1 mm
    Installation Dimension: 19.3 x 14.7 mm
    Material: contact finish Ni1.2Au0.8
    Material: housing zinc diecast nickel-plated
    Cu-conductor diameter:
    • solid 0.40-0.64 mm / AWG26/1-22/1
    • stranded 0.46-0.76 mm / AWG27/7-22/7
    Mating cycles: min. 750
    Insulation diameter: 0.9 - 1.6mm
    Cable diameter: 5 bis 9 mm
    Reusable IDC for AWG22/1 and 22/7: ≤ 4 cycles
    Reusable IDC for AWG23/1 and 26/1: ≤ 4 cycles
    Reusable IDC for AWG24/7 and 27/7: ≤ 10 cycles
    Ambient temperature: -40°C to 70°C
    • Real Cat.6A RJ45 Jack
    • 10 Gigabit Ethernet
    • High Power over Ethernet (PoE+) acc. to IEEE 802.3at

    Real-Time Re-Embedded Cat.6A

    real-timeWith an 8-port network analyzer with implemented re-embedding calculation method, the real-time re-embedded measurement set-up provides real-time evaluation of the connecting hardware. This offers the possibility of assessing the effects of changes on measuring targets in real-time. The very time-consuming measurement of all pair combinations is therefore no longer necessary.

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