19”- Front Plate Flex: easy to install and robust

The 19“ Frontplate Flex offers great benefits in the installation and whilst operation. Its rugged and buckling resistant construction offers room for up to 24 AMJ/UMJ Modules and Couplers. The AMJ/UMJ Modules and Couplers snap-into the bezels and then can be installed at any time from the front of the 19” Frontplate Flex which also allows easy maintenance. Label fields for every port offer individual marking of nameplates which are protected by a transparent cover.

The unmated RJ45 jacks of Telegärtner´s AMJ/UMJ Modules and Couplers can be protected against dust by a shutter. The snapped-in AMJ Modules and Couplers are connected to the 19” Frontplate Flex by an earth bar as well. A consistent earthing concept is also possible with the attached grounding cable. Furthermore, a cable relief and a cable routing guarantee a high-class stress relief.

Performance characteritics

  • Cable routing made of PA GF-30 and cable relief for reliable stress relief
  • AMJ/UMJ Modules and Couplers K Cat.6/ Cat.5e with additional strain relief with cable ties
  • Attached grounding cable l=300 m, mounted with lens head screw and chopper disc
  • The shielded AMJ Modules and Couplers are connected by an earth bar
  • 19“, 1 HU, depth: 118 mm
  • 19“ Frontplate for up to 24 AMJ/UMJ Modules and Couplers K Cat.6/ Cat.5e
  • 19“ Frontplate made of steel ST1203 1,5mm, powder-coated in RAL7035
  • Installation of AMJ/UMJ Modules and Couplers from the front
  • Bezels with label field 14,2 x 9 mm and shutter made of ABS in alpine white
  • Blank labels come with the bezels

Shutter and label field



Cable routing with clip-technology





Installation from the front