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  • Single Pair Ethernet

    Future-oriented communication in the Industrial Internet of Things – simple and consistent from the sensor to the cloud.

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  • AMJ-SL Module Cat.6A

    The new RJ45 module for tight spaces. High system reserve packed in 32 mm short design.

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  • Superior Performance - SIMFix LP

    Highest performance even under extreme mechanical stress.

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  • Round. Safe. Robust.

    STX M12x1 and STX M8x1

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Specialists for every requirement

4.3-10, 2.2-5 and 1.5-3.5 connectors (female and male)

Cell IQ Family and NEX10® Series

The 5G mobile communications generation is constantly challenging the mobile communications industry with new tasks. To ensure that these can be handled - Telegärtner has covered the complete spectrum of requirements in the MCO sector with the 4.3-10, the 2.2-5, the 1.5-3.5 and NEX10®.

AMJ-SL Module Cat.6A

The challenges in modern building cabling are clear: ensuring increasing data rates and maximum flexibility. However, floor boxes, media tables and flush-mount outlets are often associated with confined spaces. Thanks to its short overall length of 32 mm, the AMJ-SL module (RJ45 jack Cat.6A) is also ideal for installation in difficult situations and compensates for all everyday installation failures with an excellent NEXT headroom.

Tapper, power splitter, hybrid coupler, directional coupler for multi-storey buildings

Distributed Antenna Systems

Today we want to be connected everywhere. Therefore, mobile radio connections must not end at the entrance to larger buildings. Especially in large premises, there is a need for comprehensive network coverage for good signals – always and everywhere. But that's exactly the problem: Especially on the lower levels of larger buildings, the mobile signal is usually weak if no Distributed Antenna System (DAS) has been installed. Discover our passive DAS components such as power splitters, directional couplers or tappers.

Current topics at a glance

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Our whitepapers inform you about current topics around network technology and building cabling. If you want to learn more about remote power, digital ceiling, FTTH, circular connectors, etc., you should definitely read our whitepapers. In these documents, we have compiled all our knowledge and expertise.

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