The redefinition of transmission reserve and reliability

Telegärtner has optimised and redesigned its AMJ-S Module especially for very demanding applications that have to guarantee high reliability in extremely tough environments. The reworked Module boasts outstanding robustness against mechanical and electrical influences. In addition, its transmission characteristics exceed those laid down by the corresponding standard and it thus provides a significantly higher transmission reserve. This is verified several times a year by GHMT, an independent testing laboratory, as part of the Premium Verification Program.


Telegartner AMJ-S Module 2G

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Real-Time Re-Embedded Cat.6A

With an 8-port network analyzer with implemented re-embedding calculation method, the real-time re-embedded measurement set-up provides real-time evaluation of the connecting hardware. This means the impact of changes to measuring targets can be evaluated in real-time. The very time-consuming measurement of all pair combinations is therefore no longer necessary.


4 Pair Power over Ethernet
in accordance with IEEE 802.3bt

fully shielded
360° shielding for secure data transmission

500 MHz
in permanent link ISO/IEC Class EA


10GB Ethernet
in accordance IEEE 802.3an

approved by independent test laboratory GHMT

Design capable module
outlet with universal module carrier


Equipped for all challenges: Maximum transmission reserve

Thanks to the modified contact design, the transmission characteristics of the module significantly exceed those laid down by the IEC 60603-7-51 design standard and the ISO/IEC 11801 building cabling standard, thereby providing signifi cantly higher reserves. The AMJ-S 2G withstands unforeseeable critical loads without any problems: despite strong external electrical infl uences or increased stress, for example in installations in confined spaces, reliable transmission is thus guaranteed.


Tested and confirmed: Safe to use and resilient

The AMJ-S Module 2G surmounts all adversities. For example, the contact set is tested beyond the requirements of the standard with respect to thermal shock and moist heat exposure in a total of 1000 mating cycles. The robustness of the AMJ-S Module 2G significantly exceeds that specified in the standards. 4PPoE testing of unintentional mating and unmating under electrical load also goes beyond these requirements. This guarantees that nothing can go wrong even in hectic working conditions – data transmission is one hundred percent guaranteed!


Twice as robust: No chance for mechanical or electrical external influences

The multiple shielding connection in the mating face guarantees constant high level shielding. This makes the Module particularly robust to vibrations, swings and electrical noise fields. The increasing number of data connection points in industry-related applications, for example in automated picking warehouses or highly automated production facilities, can therefore be implemented without problems.



One module - many possibilities

Slim design

More application possibilities

  • Self-closing shutter for unmated jacks
  • Labelling field
  • To fit the TH35 mounting rail
  • Optimum cable exit angle
  • Disconnectable equipotential bonding

19" frontplate and mini distributor

The AMJ-S Module with Keystone mounting cut-out (19.3 x 14.7 mm) fi ts all Telegärtner 19" frontplates, as well as MPD6, MPD8, MPD12, MPD16 and MPD24 mini distributors.

Packing density in the 19" frontplates:

  • 24 or 48 ports in 1 HU
  • 48 ports in 1,5 HU

Outlet with universal module carrier

Thanks to its slim design, the AMJ-S Module can easily be combined with switch covers from various manufacturers. The Telegärtner module carrier enables use of both field-proven AMJ45 faceplates and UAE faceplates. This provides network professionals with undreamed-of ways of carrying out their daily work.

It goes without saying that the AMJ-S Module also fi ts into Telegärtner's fi eld-proven single/double/triple gang module carriers.

TS45 mounting rail outlet in multimedia distributor

With the TS45 mounting rail outlet from Telegärtner they can be upgraded to a multimedia distributor for housing and utility buildings. This is done by simply inserting the AMJ-S Module into the mounting rail outlet housing and clipping it onto the TH35 mounting rail. The height of the TS45 and the cabinet are optimally matched. The AMJ-S Module is installed so that the patch cord's latch protection can be operated from above. Hinged front cover for easy installation of the AMJ-S Module.



The AMJ-S series: Proven and unbeatably easy to install

Download the assembly instructions as a PDF here.

Technical Data

Dimension: L 44.1 x B 14,8 x H 23.1 mm
Installation Dimension: 19.3 x 14.7 mm (Keystone format)
Cu-conductor diameter: Ni 1.2 Au 0.8
material: housing: zinc diecast nickel-plated
Cu-conductor diameter: solid 0.41-0,64 mm / AWG26/1-22/1
                                          stranded 0,46-0,76 mm / AWG27/7-22/7
Mating cycles: min 750
Wire diameter: 0.9 - 1.6 mm
Cable diameter: 5 to 9 mm
Reusable IDC for AWG22/1 and 22/7 ≤ 4 cycles
Reusable IDC for AWG23/1 and 26/1 ≤ 4 cycles
Reusable IDC for AWG24/7 and 27/7 ≤ 10 cycles
Ambient temperature: -40°C to +85°C


10 Gigabit Ethernet according to IEEE 802.3 an: suitable for 10 Gigabit Ethernet
Kategorie 6A (Component): ISO/IEC 11801; DIN EN 50173-1
Klasse EA (Component): ISO/IEC 11801; DIN EN 50173-1
Klasse EA (Channel): ISO/IEC 11801; DIN EN 50173-1

PoE+ according to IEEE 802.3at
UL listed: E244889 for
AMJ-S order numbers J00029A2000, J00029A2001, J00029A2110, J00029A2111

4PPoE according to IEEE 802.3bt
AMJ-S 2G order numbers J00029A3000, J00029A3001, J00029A3110, J00029A3111