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In addition to the wide range of coaxial connectors, Telegärtner offers suitable coaxial cables with a characteristic impedance of either 50 or 75 Ohm. This enables a one-stop shopping process for connectors and cables for our customers. Using the Coax Configurator, customers can also easily create and order their own cable assemblies online.

The coaxial cable range at Telegärtner includes standard RG cables, high-quality PTFE cables, Low Loss cables as well as hand-formable and highly shielded Semi Flex cables. Furthermore, the portfolio encompasses special cables like a suitable cable for drag chains or a railway-approved Low Loss cable.
Telegärtner also offers UL approved versions for selected cable types. Coaxial cables can be ordered ex stock in coiled and tied standard unit rings. Selected types are also available on complete cable drums.

Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Telegärtner is equipped with modern production facilities and is thus able to manufacture cable assemblies exactly in accordance with customer specifications in the shortest of lead-times. The use of high-precision equipment for preparing cables, as well as special crimp presses, ensures an efficient and reliable assemblies production.
The well-trained and experienced personnel guarantee high-quality production. Furthermore, the cable assemblies are subject to a 100% voltage and electrical continuity test. Phase-matched assemblies, as well as assemblies with individual Return Loss tests, are also available on request.


Typical structure of coaxial cable

Telegartner Coaxial Cables

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Criteria for selecting suitable coaxial cables

In our product overview a variety of technical characteristics is shown. Using this table will help you easily and quickly find the right cable for your application. The most important characteristics are briefly described here:

  • Impedance 50 Ohm or 75 Ohm
    Almost every system works with 50 Ohm technology. For broadcast and video applications, 75 Ohm systems are used.
  • Insertion Loss (Attenuation)
    Insertion loss describes the total electrical loss along an electrical line (ratio of input to output power). This value is mainly determined by cable diameter, material of the dielectric and the transmission frequency. Low Loss Cables for example are characterized by particularly good, that is, low values of insertion loss. Compared to corresponding RG-Cables of the same size, the signal attenuation is significantly lower, especially when using higher frequencies.
  • Screening Effectiveness
    Screening effectiveness describes how well a cable prevents electrical energy escaping from or entering into a transmission line. Improving this value is achieved by applying double braids, foil under braid (Low Loss Cables) or tin-soaked braids (Semi Flex Cables) as the outer conductor.
  • Temperature Range 
    Depending on the materials used, cables may be applied in different ambient temperature ranges. Cables with PE or PVC jackets can be used up to approx. 80°C, cables with PTFE or FEP jacket up to approx. 200°C. PTFE or FEP jackets are furthermore resistant to oil, UV radiation or chemicals.

Coaxial Cables - Overview

Coaxial cables from Telegärtner

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