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Telegärtner Group

Find out everything about the complete provider for data and telecommunication as well as plastic injection mould parts and precision turned parts.



Architects of connectivity

The world is growing more connected, digital solutions are the infrastructure of the global economy, and we are one of its srchitects. Wherever there is connectivity, wherever data and signals are transmitted and connections made, Telegärtner is there, working on a solution. Our product portfolio is a relevant component in global networking.

Full service to meet all your requirements

The companies of the Telegärtner Group give their customers everything that they need to face today's and tomorrow's challenges. This begins with professional consulting on complex technical problems and extends over a wide range of preliminary and end products with no-compromise quality to a comprehensive range of services to accompany the products.

ZVEI - Code of Conduct for Corporate Social Responsibility

ZVEI and its member companies affirm their Corporate Social Responsibility as a part of their global business activities (internationally known as ‘CSR‘1). ‘ZVEI’s Code of Conduct for Corporate Social Responsibility‘ (hereinafter called ‘CoC‘) acts as a guideline in the industry, especially regarding working conditions, social and environmental compatibility, transparency, collaboration and dialog that is marked by trust. Developed and agreed to by ZVEI and its member companies, the content of this CoC is an expression of ZVEI’s collective core values as they are defined in ZVEI’s vision and mission statements and especially as they are affirmed in the social market economy.

ZVEI recommends that this CoC be implemented by the member companies. It is designed as a self-imposed obligation that can be signed by the member companies.

ZVEI - Code of Conduct