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AMJ S application possibilities

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AMJ S application possibilities

19" frontplate and mini distributor Show more Show less

The AMJ-S Module with Keystone mounting cut-out (19.3 x 14.7 mm) fi ts all Telegärtner 19" frontplates, as well as MPD6, MPD8, MPD12, MPD16 and MPD24 mini distributors.

Packing density in the 19" frontplates:

  • 24 or 48 ports in 1 HU
  • 48 ports in 1,5 HU

Outlet with universal module carrier Show more Show less

Thanks to its slim design, the AMJ-S Module can easily be combined with switch covers from various manufacturers. The Telegärtner module carrier enables use of both field-proven AMJ45 faceplates and UAE faceplates. This provides network professionals with undreamed-of ways of carrying out their daily work.

It goes without saying that the AMJ-S Module also fi ts into Telegärtner's fi eld-proven single/double/triple gang module carriers.

TS45 mounting rail outlet in multimedia distributor Show more Show less

Cabinets were previously equipped exclusively for energy subdistributions. With the new TS45 mounting rail outlet from Telegärtner they can be upgraded to a multimedia distributor for housing and utility buildings. This is done by simply inserting the AMJ-S Module into the mounting rail outlet housing and clipping it onto the TH35 mounting rail. This makes structured wiring in the multimedia distributor child's play.

With the introduction of the new VDE-AR-N 4101:2011-8 Code of Practice came the need to provide a data network interface for metering facilities in low voltage system to monitor power consumption and period of use meters (smart meters).

This is required to ensure the Energy Industry Act (EnWG 2012) for modular metering systems are met. Thanks to the TS45, the connection to the data network can be installed on the TH35 top hat rail in the metering facility in a standard-compliant and space-saving manner, thereby making it a further essential component of structured cabling in residential buildings (DIN EN 50173-4).

The height of the TS45 and the cabinet are optimally matched. The AMJ-S Module is installed so that the patch cord's latch protection can be operated from above. Hinged front cover for easy installation of the AMJ-S Module.

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