BNC EasyGrip HD³

Connectors for HDTV signal transmission in professional applications

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Telegärtner has now developed the BNC EasyGrip HD³ connector series which specifically addresses the special requirements of HDTV signal transmission in professional applications such as in TV studios, outdoor broadcasting vehicles, and large live events.

The BNC EasyGrip HD³ series conforms to the IEC Standard ( IEC 61 169-8 ), and as such is fully compatible with all standard BNC 75 Ohm connectors. The series has the following distinguishing features:

  • High Definition: Excellent transmission characteristics up to 3 GHz (Return Loss values of < -30 dB (typical) and, therefore, totally suitable for HDTV).
  • High Density: Special grip features involving an extended and tapered coupling nut to facilitate connecting and disconnecting the connectors to high packing density panels.
  • High Durabiltity: The die-cast zinc housing with integrated strain relief ensures reliable protection against mechanical pressure, knocks, and undue stressing of the cable.

Better Thought-Through:  EasyGrip HD³ Elements

The BNC HD³ series is Telegärtner’s solution for the special requirements involved in the transmission of HDTV signals, and sets itself apart thanks to a number of well-thought-out product features:

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BNC EasyGrip Straight Plug Crimp

Fig. may differ
order number Z Cable group; cable Remarks
J01002A0080 75 G4 (RG-179 B/U)
crimp/crimp, IP67
J01002A0081 75 G41 (0.6/2.8-4.7); TELASS CDF 70
crimp/crimp, IP67
J01002A0082 75 G39 (0.8/3.7-6.15)
crimp/crimp, IP67
J01002A0083 75 G27 (1.0/4.6-6.7)
crimp/crimp, IP67
J01002A0085 75 G40 (1.2/4.9)
crimp/crimp, IP67