2.2-5 Series

Compact Low PIM RF Connectors for Mobile Radio Communications

Applications for 2.2.-5 Connectors

The 2.2-5 interface  has been designed to address applications requiring PIM stability but in a small size.

Small Cells
In small cell applications, the 2.2-5 interface is particularly suitable for challenging space restrictions under high electrical performance requirements.
DAS - Distributed Antenna System
In multi operator/multiband DAS, it can be used where RF signals have to be combined, terminated or distributed to the antenna.
Low Power Remote Radio Units
In low power base stations, the 2.2-5 can be used for interconnections in the remote radio unit as well as the interface on the antenna and on the jumpers.

Solutions and Products

Typical products / product lines where the 2.2-5 interface is designed to are:

- MIMO antennas
- Internal antenna interconnection
- Outdoor antennas
- Indoor antennas

Jumper Cables

Combining and Distribution Components
-  Multiband and Sameband Combiners
-  Splitters
-  Tappers
-  Couplers