Connection modules

Extensions, Reroutings, Repairing

Existing connections and distributors frequently need to be moved due to changes in the functions of rooms, reorganisation of office space or relocation of machines and plants. The connected cables therefore have to be re-laid often too.

What happens when one or more cables are damaged when re-laying or it is discovered that they are too short for the new plans? An efficient, space-saving connection module solves the problem economically and saves the user time-consuming, cost-intensive re-cabling.

A connection module that can be installed easily with manageable costs and, most importantly, will not impair the performance of the cabling, solves the problem effectively and economically - especially when one universal module type can be used for a large number of different applications and ambient conditions. Such a module is suitable not only for lengthening cable lines but is also ideal for professional repairs to damaged cables.

Applications in the outdoor area or production facilities

VM-pro_Verlaengerung.jpgCable extension at the transition from internal to external cabling

VM-pro_Umverlegung.jpgCable rerouting in case of change of production facilities

Single or in Bundles

The times when bulky components took up a lot of space for cable extensions are over. Now, space-saving versions are available with a slim design which allows not only single cables but also whole bundles to be extended without problems. Versions for 19" installation in rugged wall-mounted housings and with mounting rail adapters for fitting onto DIN rails are also available, for example, in electrical distributors.


Cable rerouting

Cable extensions

Damaged cables