FO Distributor MPD24

for Surface Mounting

The MPD24 modular distributor is available in a third housing version for
equipping with up to three 3 HU/7 PU front panels for FO adaptors of the
types SC, LC, E2000 and ST.

Up to 72 fibres can be patched in the easy to install metal housing by the modular front plates. Mixed assembly of different adaptor types and different fibres is possible with the front plates.
The lid can be snap-mounted or even removed without tools. The bottom part of the housing can be mounted on the wall flush with the plaster. The cable opening is protected against dust by brushes; the cables are secured by cable ties.

The MPD24 modular distributor is also available in the version MPD24 AMJ/UMJ (modular version for installation with Telegartners shielded or unshielded keystone jacks) und MPD24-HS K Cat.6A with IDC termination and fully-compensated RJ45 jacks rated Category 6A (IEC 60603-7-51).

Technical Data  
Housing base plate Sheet steel zinc plated
Housing cover varnished pure white, RAL 9010
Cover sheet steel zinc plated
Dimension 446 x 190 x 50,5 mm
Ground cable AWG11 with terminal E-Cu-braid with flexible PVC insulation, tin plated
Directive 2011/65/EU RoHS-compliant
Performance Characteristics
  • wall-/surface mounting; housing base with plaster compensation
  • for the installation, cover can be locked or removed (tool-less)
  • cable strain relief by means of cable tie
  • dustproof cable entry with brush strip
  • for modular assembly of up to 3 pcs. 3 HU / 7 PU front plates

Order information

Order no.  Description Remarks Colour
H02025A0243 MPD24 FO for 3x 3 HU/7 PU front plates pure white RAL 9010
Order no.  Description Type
H02024A8100 front plate 3 HU/7 PU 6x SC, ST/SC
H02024A8101 front plate 3 HU/7 PU 6x SC Duplex, 6x ST/SC Duplex
H02024A8111 front plate 3 HU/7 PU 12 x ST
H02024A8334 front plate 3 HU/7 PU 12 x E2000
H02024A8105 front plate 3 HU/7 PU 6 x LC Duplex
H02024A8125 front plate 3 HU/7 PU 12 x LC Duplex

dummy plate 3 HU/7 PU