Jumper Cables

For 7-16 / N / 4.3-10 Connectors

General Information

The jumper cables in our range are made with 1/2” highly flexible cable, 1/2” feeder type cable, 1/4” cable or 3/8” cable, depending on your requirements.  Whatever the cable, they are fitted with specially designed 7-16, N and 4.3-10 connectors and manufactured on our lean production line in Slovakia. The very low intermodulation products of the jumper cables are tested on special intermodulation test systems and all cables are tested for return loss (VSWR) up to a frequency of 2.7 GHz. Test results are available on request.

Protection Classification IP 68

Telegärtner jumper cables are independently tested to IP68 by the British Standards Institute (BSI). To simulate a waterlogged feeder cable’s pressure on a jumper cable, the connectors are designed to withstand

•    25 m head of water
•    Pressure 2.5 ± 0.1 bar
•    Temperature 20° C  ± 5° C

No leakage was found after 7 days.

The 7-16 connectors include a specially profiled O-ring at the mating face, carefully engineered to provide protection against water ingress through the coupling nut. These connectors also incorporate an additional seal between the centre contact and connector housing in the mating face (barrier seal). A 360° inductive solder of the outer conductor provides additional protection against ingress of moisture in the event of the cable sheath being damaged.  This, alongside the obvious contribution to excellent PIM and return loss characteristics, show why these jumper cables are superior to clamp and short solder types.

  • Very low intermodulation products (IMP3)
  • Waterproof for external use
  • Hexagonal coupling nuts for correct torque and high-contact pressure
  • Excellent return loss and attenuation
  • Fully soldered inner- and outer conductor
  • Barrier sealed interface
  • Moulded strain relief

- Unique Telegärtner designed connectors
- 360° induction soldered
- Silver plated body, nickel plated nut, profiled O-ring
- 100% tested
- Approved by over 50 European network operators and their installers

- IP68 water ingress protection – unmated!
- Fewer site visits
- Reduced fault finding time during site construction
- Less network downtime
- Reduced damage if water enters the system via another component or between components

1/2" Flexible Jumper Cables

General Technical Data

Cable Type 1/2" Superflex Helically Corrugated
Outer Conductor Copper
Centre Conductor Copper-clad aluminium
Dielectric Foam: Polyethylene
Jacket Black Polyethelene, Halogen free
Outer Contact Brass, Silver Plated
Centre Contact Brass (m), CuBe (f), Silver Plated
Coupling Nut Brass Hex Nut, Handscrew or Push-Pull - Nickel Plated
Sealing Class IP68 Unmated
Connector Gaskets Silicone
Connector Type DIN 7-16
(Male, Angle Male or Female)
(Male, Angle Male or Female)
(Male, Angle Male or Female)