Circular Connectors
STX M12x1 IP67 

Connector series for industrial applications

Assembly of the STX M12x1 connector X-coded

Thanks to an intelligent wire management and a simple screw connection system, the individual components of the STX M12x1 cable plug can be assembled quickly and easily on site completely without the use of special tools.

Step 1: Prepare cables

Step 1: Prepare cables

  • Slide over cable gland and seal at least 40 mm
  • Remove outer jacket, fold braid shield backwards
  • Pre-sort pairs of wire
Step 2: Insert cables

Step 2: Insert cables

  • Insert pairs of wire into the wire manager, actuate the shield spring
  • Untwist pairs of wire, insert the individual
  • wires into the wire manager and cut off protruding wire flush
Step 3: Screw on connector

Step 3: Screw on connector

  • Insert wire manager into plug body (pay attention to position)
  • Tighten the cable gland with an open-ended wrench
  • Use an additional seal for cable diameters between 5.5 and 7.5 mm