Data Voice

Field assembly RJ45 Plug Series

The MFP8 connector family

Simpler all over: MFP8 applications

The new field assembly MFP8 is the number one choice whenever efficient and reliable connections are needed without major expense or effort, whether for classic cabling systems in office buildings, data centers, in industry or for home cabling systems. Needless to say, it also supports High Power over Ethernet plus (PoE+).

Office/premise cabling and data centers

With the MFP8 plug series, installers and network professionals now have access to RJ45 plugs which will enable them to respond with speed and flexibility, even at short notice, to any requirement, be it cabling for workstations,connections for equipment or backbone extensions.
Connections can be made with all standard cable types, even with transferrates of 40 Gigabit Ethernet/s (40GBase-T), without requiring hours of prepa-ration and the need for special tools. It is particularly cost-effective for connections in data centers where every centimeter counts. Space problems due to surplus cable are consigned to history books. Thanks to its compact design and suitability for multiport applications, the MFP8 can also be used where space is at an absolute premium.

Industrial cabling (IP20)

Whether used in industrial control cabinets or distribution boxes in production, the MFP8 plug series can also be relied upon in industry. 360° shielding and full metal housing guarantee secure and reliable data transmission, including 40 Gigabit Ethernet/s and even with outside electrical interference. And the use of full range of cable types with solid or stranded conductors make it an universal product fit for all purposes, whether for PROFINET, EtherCAT, Ether-Net/IP or CC-Link.


Residential cabling

When it comes to home networks or cabling for the home-based office, adhering to a minimum footprint is normally a major requirement, and only very rarely is there an outlet just where one is needed. In order to be able to connect PC, router or printer quickly, easily and cheaply, a plug is needed which can be fitted without special tools to full range of cable types with solid or stranded wires. The MFP8 plug series enables to assemble and customise cables – as and where they are needed – and to establish efficient and reliable connections without spending a great deal of time and money.