Patch Management System

The solution for smart network people

Constant Eye on Cabling

Dynamic companies need a highly flexible IT infrastructure. However, the large amount of moves and changes almost always leads to complex and often confusing patching in the network cabinets. The necessary documentation is done later or – depending on the workload of the IT specialists – completely comitted, and that means later adds and changes get even more confusing which causes additional costs.
And as IT networks very often aren’t limited to one location, things get even worse. To make sure the entire network stays up and running and to provide and increase the network’s flexibility, network operators need a solution to monitor and manage all the changes on a physical level.

As a leading manufacturer of structured cabling solutions, Telegärtner has taken care of this topic and has developed a solution for network designers and operators to easily design, adapt and document their IT networks.

Owl Display Rack Device

Put an end to the patching chaos

In theory, the daily job of designing, managing and documenting IT networks sounds very simple. In daily life, however, there is not enough personnel, not enough time or no budget allocated to it. Below we have listed a few issues network designers and operators have to face every day:

  • What has changed?
    Inadvertent or unguided patching changes the network access and causes security risks.
  • Which connections have to be changed?
    Moves of employees mean connections have to be re-patched in time.
  • What effort does documentation really mean?
    Cable IDs have to be put into tables and data bases in time to avoid infrastructure errors caused by outdated documentation.
  • Where are new patch connections needed?
    Missing or outdated markings make it hard to find one’s way through the many patchings.

The solution for smart network people:
Telegärtner’s patch management system Owl

The patch management system Owl is the innovative solution to schedule and document changes of the IT cabling infrastructure. Owl’s components are the ideal basis for a working Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM). In many cases, legacy systems can be easily upgraded with a small investment and a quick return on investment. Network operators benefit from a better overview over their already installed network and from a more reliable planning of future cabling.



One solution that fits many requirements

Owl supports network designers and operators with the daily moves, adds and changes, identifies patch jobs on-site, updates the documentation in real-time and reports the jobs done.

Automated Infrastructure Management
  • Complies with the standardsspecifications for documentation (please see ISO/IEC 14763-2)
  • Allows gradually upgrading the network with AIM thanks to matched system components
  • Completes the compliance requirementsof ISO/IEC 11801-1
  • Easy scheduling of moves, adds and changes
  • Real-time documentation
  • Explicit guidance for all patch jobs


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