RET Cables


RET Cables provide a direct connect option from the Master Control Unit (MCU) to a RET module. These cables are offered in a variety of lengths, with the shorter lengths being available to “daisy chain” multiple RET modules together at the top of the tower or building By connecting the modules together, you reduce the number or cables required from the MCU to the antennas.

RET Cables

Power supply and control interface cable for AISG Standard Version 2 Compliant Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) Components, offering protection to IP67.


Cable types and specifications of RET cables

RET Cables with Waterproof D Sub

This AIG multiwire cable is used to connect the Remote Radio Unit with the Remote Control Unit and to transmit
the base station signals for controlling the RET antenna and offers protection to IP67.


RET cables with waterproof D Subs can be required depending on the OEM interconnect. Variation 1 (RETD/) uses a rectangular formed O-ring to create the IP67 seal, which seals directly against the mating half. Variation 2 (RETK/) uses a skirt to create the IP67 seal to allow for a raised mating half.


Cable types and specifications of RET cables with waterproof D Sub