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TestLine Cables

The TestLine RF Test Cable assemblies have been designed with high specifications regarding attenuation, phase stability and life span for test and measurement purposes.

The connectors, which have been specifically designed for this purpose, have a special connection process for low, stable VSWR as well as a particularly effective cable protection against mechanical stress. In addition the connector bodies and nuts are made from stainless steel, which offers a very high number of mating cycles.

The TestLine cables are therefore perfect for use in lab or production areas, in which a high number of reliable signal tests need to be undertaken. Telegartner offers 2 types: 5LL for measurements up to 18 GHz (SMA, N and 7-16) and 4LL for measurements up to 40 GHz (2.92 mm). Each cable is tested separately and delivered with a test report.

Features of TestLine Cables

TestLine Stabilität


The special structure of the RF cable with a foamed PTFE dielectric guarantees excellent phase stability and return loss stability when the cable is subjected to bending stress.

TestLine Geprüft

100% tested

Every cable comes with a detailed test report.

TestLine elektrische Werte

Excellent electrical parameters

for frequencies up to 18 GHz (SMA) or 11 GHz (N) at low return loss (-23 dB at 18 GHz). The maximum cable attenuation is only 1.0 dB/m at 18 GHz.


TestLine Präzision

Precision connectors

The TestLine cables are assembled with plugs developed especially for test and inspection requirements.

TestLine Steckzyklen

High number of mating cycles

while the transmission properties remain the same thanks to the gold plated centre conductor and a stainless steel body and nut.


Heat resistand and flame retardant

Temparature range -54 °C to +135 °C

TestLine 5 LL 18 GHz

TestLine 4 LL 40 GHz

TestLine 5 LL 18 GHz
TestLine 4 LL 40 GHz
Electrical Characteristics
connector types SMA, N special design
impedance 50 Ohm
frequency range SMA: < 18 GHz; N: < 11 GHz
return loss (typical) up to 4 GHz: -28 dB
up to 10 GHz: -24 dB
up to 18 GHz: -20 dB
max. cable attenuation (@40 GHz) 1,0 dB/m
screen effectiveness -110 dB max. (@ 1 GHz)
phase stability (measured after 90° bend)  < 1,5° @4 GHz - 18 GHz
insertion loss (dB/m) 0,22 @ 1 GHz
0,41 @ 4 GHz
0,68 @ 10 GHz
0,94 @ 18 GHz
Electrical Characteristics
connector type 2,92 mm
impedance 50 Ohm
frequency range < 40 GHz
return loss (typical) bis  4 GHz: -33 dB
bis 10 GHz: -25 dB
bis 18 GHz: -18 dB
bis 26 GHz: -18 dB
bis 40 GHz: -16 dB
max. cable attenuation(@ 400 GHz) 2,4 dB/m
screen effectiveness -100 dB max.
phase stability (measured after 90° bend) < 4° @ 40 GHz 
insertion loss (dB/m) 0,33 @ 1 GHz
0,99 @ 6 GHz
1,12 @ 10 GHz
1,58 @ 18 GHz
1,94 @ 26 GHz
2,48 @ 40 GHz
Mechanical Characteristics
cable bending radius > 30 mm
cable sheath FEP, Ø 5,4 mm
connector center contact

CuZn39Pb3, gold-plated

connector outer contact stainless steal
coupling nut stainless steal
plugging cycles min. 1000
operation temperature  -55 °C to -110 °C
Mechanical Characteristics
cable bending radius > 190 mm
cable steath FEP, Ø 4,2 mm
connector center contact

CuBe, gold-plated

connector outer contact stainless steel
coupling nut stainless steel
plugging cycles min. 500
operation temperature  -55 °C to -135 °C

Cable Protection

TestLine Cables have the option of being fitted with a stainless steel wire coil. This coil protects the cable from mechanical stress up to 80 kg/5 cm of cable. Use of this cable protection is particularly useful in production areas, field tests and also in labs where mechanical stress can’t be ruled out.


Bend protection

Due to a specially strengthened strain relief, all 4LL test cables are protected against strain due to sharp bends at the termination point.