TOC-Series RJ45 and FO

Telecommunications Outdoor Connectors IP68

TOC-FEM Fiber Optic Connection Module
for Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Telegärtner’s fiber optic connection module TOC-FEM (Fiber Extension Module) connects manufactured fiber optic cables in indoor and outdoor applications. The robust metal housing guarantees a safe and reliable connection, wellprotected from environmental or mechanical hazards. With the flexible seal insert it is the first choice for installing new equipment as well as for retrofit solutions on site.

The versatile TOC-FEM serves many different applications: IP outdoor cameras have to be connected to the building network; machines or plants are moved and have to be reconnected as soon as possible; distributors are relocated and the installed cables have to be extended; wireless and cell network antennas are replaced by a new generation of devices which have to be connected quickly and easily on the pole; cables got damaged and have to be repaired, ... there are nearly unlimited possibilities.
Whether you have to connect outdoor to indoor cables, extend, re-connect or repair existing cables – TOC FEM connects what belongs together.

Technical Data  
Housing anodized aluminium
Dimensions 270 x 32 mm
Adaptor plate sheet steel zinc plated
Cable outer diameter 4.0 to 9.5 mm
Temperature range -40 to +80° C
Protection class IP67 (for indoor and outdoor applications)
Performance Characteristics
  • for connection of fiber optic cables
  • available with LC Duplex or MPO/MTP® coupler in Single and Multimode
  • for new installations as well as retrofit solutions
  • incl. protective caps
Scope of delivery
  • two-piece housing
  • protection caps
  • FO coupler
  • seal insert 4.0 - 6.5 mm and 6.5 - 9.5 mm


Order no. short name Description
H02052A0252 TOC-FEM LC Duplex Singlemode, ceramic sleeve, IP67
H02052A0253 TOC-FEM LC Duplex Multimode, ceramic sleeve, IP67
H02052A0254 TOC-FEM MPO/MTP® Singlemode and Multimode, IP67