Data Voice

UFP8 Cat.6A

Unshielded field assembly RJ45 plug

UFP8 Cat.6A: For new freedom in structured cabling

Here’s the situation: An existing network needs extending. A cable link needs to be repaired or replaced. A peripheral device needs to be connected quickly. Your customer expects a fast and reliable solution but you don’t have a cable assembly ready at hand. Sound familiar?
Now you can keep your cool when faced with such demands – with the new, field assembly UFP8 Cat.6A plug developed by Telegärtner.

Less fuss. More flexibility.

The UFP8 Cat.6A is the RJ45 plug for time-saving and efficient on-site assembly for all networks, from Voice right through to 10 Gigabit Ethernet. It can be assembled on all standard types of cable in just 60 seconds – and no special tools are required.
Whether in the office, in data centers or in home networks – the UFP8 Cat.6A offers unprecedented flexibility and saves time and money on installation, repairs and maintenance.

The best bits of 60 years of experience all rolled into one plug

For over 60 years Telegärtner has had a determining influence on the direction taken by connector technology in terms of convenience, reliability and performance. “Made in Germany” development, design and state-of-the-art production – the sum total of decades of experience can be found invested in the new UFP8 Cat.6A.

  • Long release latch
    Insertion and withdrawal made easy in confined spaces
  • Pre-assembled protection cap
    Effective protection of contacts from dirt and damage in transit
  • Standardised plug interface
    Conforming to IEC 60603-7-41
  • Piercing contacts
    Suitable for conductor cross-sections
    AWG27/7 – 22/7;
    AWG 24/1 – 22/1
  • Four-chamber wire manager
    Available with colour code T568A or T568B
  • Adjustable strain relief
    suitable for cable diameters from 5.5 - 8.5 mm
  • Cat.6A
    ISO/IEC 11801:2010

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