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RF Cable Assemblies with UMTC

UMTC (Ultra Miniature Telecommunications Connector)
Cable Assemblies

Telegärtner also offers special cable assemblies featuring miniaturised UMTC-series coaxial connectors. These connectors are compatible with the U.FL, MHF (I-PEX) connector series, as well as with other comparable connector types. The range includes cable assemblies terminated at both ends with a UMTC
angle jack, or alternatively with one of the ends terminated with connector from the SMA-,R-SMA-,TNC-, and R-TNC series.
The coaxial cable used has an overall diameter of 1.13 mm, and 50 Ω impedance. The assemblies are suitable for frequencies up to 6 GHz.
UMTC cable assemblies are used to connect to PCBs, where space for such connections is of a premium (e.g. in equipment GSM-, GPS-, or W-LAN modules).


Extremaly small size

Low mating height 2.5 mm above PCB


UMTC Connector Characteristics


Cable Characteristics



Mechanical Characteristics
Durability (mating cycles) < 30
Disengagement force > 15 N
Material: Spring contacts phosphor bronze
Material: Outer conductor phosphor bronze
Material: Insulator PBT
Finish: inner conductor Au
Finish: outer conductor Au
Operating temperature                  -30 °C / +100 °C
RoHS compliant  
Electrical Characteristics
Contact resistance inner conductor < 20 mΩ          
Contact resistance outer conductor < 10 mΩ
Insulation resistance > 500 MΩ
Impedance 50 Ω
Return Loss < 17 dB / 6 GHz
Working voltage 200 Veff / 50 Hz
Frequency range up to 6 GHz
Mechanical Characteristics
Construction Material Dimensions
Inner conductor copper, silver plated Ø 0,24 mm
Dielectric FEP Ø 0,68 mm
Outer connd uctor copper, silver plated Ø 0,93 mm
Jacket FEP, gray Ø 1,13 mm
operating temperature -40 °C / + 150°C
RoHS compliant  
Electrical characteristics
Contact resistance inner conductor < 20 mΩ
Insulation resistance < 500 MΩ
Impedance 50 Ω
Capacitance at 1 kHz nom. 96 pF/m
Return loss at 2,0 GHz 2,80 dB/m
Return loss at 2,4 GHz 3,10 dB/m
Return loss at 3,0 GHz 3,50 dB/m
Return loss at 4,0 GHz 4,00 dB/m
Return loss at 5,0 GHz 4,60 dB/m
Return loss at 6,0 GHz 5,10 dB/m
Working voltage < 250 Veff / 50 Hz
Velocity ratio nom 69%
Frequency range up to 6 GHz

Simple connection of the UMTC cable plug to a bulkhead adaptor

To get your personal UMTC cable just start the Coax Configurator.