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STX Mounting Rail Outlet - STX Mounting Rail Distributor

Smart solutions for mounting rail

For generic cabling in control cabinets, Telegärtner offers outlets and distributors which can be mounted directly next to one another on the mounting rail. They form the ideal connection between the arriving installation lines and the wiring inside the control cabinet. The components can be quickly and easily mounted on conventional TH35 rails by simply clicking them in place. The new Telegärtner mounting rail solutions serve to supplement a comprehensive line of the STX Industry connector platform concepts, specially developed for employment in harsh environments.

STX Mounting Rail Distributors

The STX mounting rail distributors are available for either loose-tube, mini-breakout or breakout cables of up to 12 fibres using splice techniques or for fibre optic adaptors using pre-assembled fibre optic links. Fibre optic adaptor types including ST, SC Duplex, SC-RJ, LC Duplex, E2000 and E2000 Compact can be installed in the interchangeable front panel.

The installer can flexibly feed the cables from three directions while easily maintaining minimum bend radii using a storage reserve with additional cable retainers. Versions with pre-assembled adaptors are already available for mini-breakout and breakout cables. For loose-tube cables, the distributors are supplied with ready-to-splice, coloured pigtails and cable strain relief.


  • width / depth / height 2 PU (35 mm) / 140 mm / 125 mm
  • housing: sheet steel light grey RAL 7035
  • ambient temperature: -40° / + 70° C
  • protection class: IP20
Performance Characteristics
  • clip technique for fixing on mounting rail TH35 acc. to DIN 60715
  • port labeling
  • splice cassette for max. 12 crimp splices or 12 Micro shrink splice protectors and integrated storage reserve
  • available completely equipped for breakout cables, with adaptors such as ST-Duplex, SC-Duplex, SC-RJ, LC-Duplex, E2000 or E2000 Compact, or alternatively for loose-tube cables with additional splice cassette and coloured pigtails
  • cable entry from three sides
  • fixing on mounting rail in three different positions

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STX Mounting Rail Outlets

The STX mounting rail outlets utilizing STEADYTEC® technology are available in a wide variety of applications (RJ45, USB coupler type A + B, fibre optic adaptors). The use of freely selectable modules which can be easily inserted into the housings provides a high level of flexibility in both component selection as well as in areas of application.
The variants designed for fully-screened Cat.6A RJ45 jacks and Cat.6 RJ45 couplers are equipped with a functional earth which can be switched on/off during operation. This simplifies fault analyses in the grounding concept while also separating the potentials between the network and the control cabinet.


  • width / depth / height: 1 PU (17,5 mm) / 60 mm / 34 mm
  • housing: PA light grey RAL 7035, UL94 V0
  • protection class: IP20
  • ambient temperature: -40° / +70° C
Performance Characteristics
  • clip technique for fixing on mounting rail TH35 acc. to DIN 60715
  • port labeling
  • functional earth can be switched on/off during operation
  • available with STX RJ45 jack Cat.6A, STX RJ45 coupler Cat.6 for data transmission up to 10 Gbit/s acc. to IEEE 802.3an
  • available with SC-Duplex, SC-RJ, SC/ST Duplex, ST Duplex, LC Duplex and E2000 Compact RJ adaptors for Single-,Multimode and POF (only SC Duplex and SC-RJ)
  • available with USB adaptor type A or A-B f-f for data transmissions from 25-400 Mbit/s acc. to Universal Serial Bus Specification, Revision 2.0 and up to 5 Gbit/s with USB 3.0

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