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Fiber optic cabling solutions for houses and apartments

When is fiber optic moving into your home?

IPTV, Video on Demand and Triple Play (TV, telephone and Internet via a single connection) increasingly bring larger amounts of data in the distribution and access networks of cities and municipalities. The fibre optic is moving closer to the buildings, and FTTH (Fibre to the Home) and FTTB (Fibre to the Building) projects keep multiplying.

Users are being provided with increasingly higher bandwidth - but it is often overlooked that the cabling used in residential buildings are often not able to cope with high data rates. Only high-quality fibre optic cables, connection sockets and distribution components ensure that the connected terminal devices can fully receive the capacity being made available "from outside".

Telegärtner offers a fast and easy to install Fibre-In-The-Home system especially for retrofitting or upgrading of a fibre optic cabling in houses, apartments and residential units. This includes preconfigured LWL connection socket and LWL wall and patch panel.

Fast, clean, simple: Advantages of Telegärtner FITH (Fibre-In-The-Home) cabling system

Thanks to the preconfigured FIFTH OAD/S connection sockets installers can perform the installation quickly and do not have to remain the residential unit for long. Expensive splice and measuring instruments are not necessary for using the FIFTH OAD/S connection sockets.

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