Solutions for
Mobile Communication Networks

Components for: Mobile Radio Base Stations, FTTA, Microwave Links, Backhaul/IP,
In-Building Wireless/DAS

Developed for highest demands

The reliability of a mobile communication connection depends essentially on the antenna used. This must ensure reliable transmission and reception of data and signals even under the most difficult conditions and stress situations.

Telegärtner’s product solutions for Mobile Communication Networks are developed using powerful CAD systems and rigorously tested with high-performance network analyzers and intermodulation test benches in the Telegärtner Labs.

A well-balanced combination of fully automated, semi-automated and manual manufacturing processes allows a high level of flexibility. Telegärtner‘s quality levels exceed the specifications set by the standards. ISO specifications are merely the basis for Telegärtner’s high quality standards, which are raised daily. To document this, Telegärtner has established a quality assurance programme according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2004 for the entire flow of goods from goods received through manufacturing to shipping and maintenance.

A fully automated state-of-the-art warehouse with more than 28,000 containers ensures that our customers receive the right product at the right place and the right time. 24-hour delivery time ex works is the standard Telegärtner sets. Who can compete with that?

Coaxial Cabling Solutions

Mobility has become an integral part of our life, and mobile communication is a must in today‘s world. The networks all this is based on have to be robust, reliable and economical.

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FTTA - Fiber to the Antenna

Optical fibers, nearly as thin as the lines of these letters, transmit enormous amounts of voice and data signals. Any service any time, any place leads to an ever-growing bandwidth demand. So it's only logical to connect mobile radio antennas to optical fibers – for higher performance at lower costs.

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Microwave Links

Would you like to dig up the roads of a big city or the stony ground in the mountains? No need, as microwave links offer a cost-effective solution with cutting-edge performance. To work properly, they need a free line of sight and a reliable connection to the network.

Find out more about microwave links.

Cabling and Distribution Hardware

ALP-Hardware.jpgIt’s more than just a cable and a box. It’s the paths and junctions of the network all the voice and data signals use. Whatever runs over your network, it runs over the cabling. It’s good to know that Telegärtner paves the way for you.

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Backhaul / IP

ALP-Backhaul.jpgNo mobile network works completely wirelessly. In fact, most parts of mobile communication networks are wired for better performance and higher reliability. The backhaul cabling is the highway voice and data signals need for safe and fast travel.

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In-Building Antenna Systems

ALP-In-Building.jpgNo need to change from wireless to fixed line when entering a building. In building wireless networks offer the benefits users appreciate, like roaming and seamless transfer from one network to another.

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