Universal Safety Crimping Presses

The pneumatically operated crimping presses are very rugged desk units with high forces of pressure, featuring a completely new mechanical safety system. They can be fitted with a wide range of inserts and tools and are therefore particularly suited for the various crimping and pressing processes, e.g. for cable terminations.

From many years of practical experience we know that it has been impossible so far – for safety reasons – to position component parts with both hands while crimping or pressing. Thanks to an outstanding solution leading to these safety presses, this can be done now.

As soon as foreign bodies (thickness larger 1...4 mm for type SafeCrimp 10, thickness larger 1...5 mm for type SafeCrimp 15; thickness larger 1...6 mm for  SafeCrimp 40 range adjustable) are detected by the crimp tools in the working range, the system is automatically locked by a reliable mechanical device. The respective force acting on a foreign body, e.g. an operator’s finger, is so low that there will be no injury. The system ensures that the full force of pressure will act only if the distance between the tools or parts is smaller than the set range of 1...4 mm, 1....5 mm or 1...6 mm (see above). The unit is easy to operate. Prior to initial operation, just the crimping height has to be exactly adjusted.
Disturbing safety casings or expensive electronic monitoring facilities are not needed.

Our solution offers the following advantages:

  • Accurate crimping of connectors onto cables
  • Manual positioning during the crimping process
  • Guaranteed safety of the operator
  • Approximate 25% time saving by free handling during the crimping process
  • Safety principle, confirmed and certified by TUEV Saxony, worldwide patent pending


Universal Safety Crimping Presses SafeCrimp 10 ... 40

In conformity with EC regulations
Certificated by TÜV Product Service

  • can be fitted with known and tested crimping and press tools
    • patented mechanical safety device
    • two-hand operation no longer necessary
    • exact positioning of product to be crimped
    • mechanical safety system fully operational in case of power failure
    • no additional safety device needed
    • crimping or pressing operation triggered by foot pedal
  • economical as no sensors are needed
  • crimping path (working path) adjustable
    • from 1 ... 4 mm (SafeCrimp 10)
    • from 1 ... 5 mm (SafeCrimp 15)
    • from 1 ... 6 mm (SafeCrimp 40)
  • working cycle will not differ from conventional presses
  • large forces of pressure

Technical Data

  SafeCrimp10 SafeCrimp 15 SafeCrimp 40
Force of pressure at 6.5 bar 10 kN 15 KN 40 kN
Maximal power stroke 4 mm 5 mm 6 mm
Crimping areas / cable cross-section ... 4,0 mm² ... 6,0 mm² ... 35 / 50 mm²
Dimensions (HxWxD/mm) 600 x 200 x 260 600 x 200 x 260 860 x 280 x 360
Weight (approx) 35 kg 38 kg 85 kg
Power supply 230 V, 50 Hz, 10 VA input
Operating pressure 6 - 7 bar
Continuous sound level < 70 dB