16. April 2017

1st International Distributor Conference

From 21st to 23rd March, Telegärtner group’s first International Distributor Conference took place at the headquarters in Steinenbronn, near Stuttgart. The company was pleased to welcome in total 45 participants from 26 international distributors and subsidiaries of the Telegärtner group from 24 different countries.

The conference was initiated to offer a platform for networking and also to exchange information about market and product trends, product innovation and experiences regarding Coax and DataVoice business. The meeting also allowed us to give each other some ideas during discussion sessions to intensify the cooperation and make it even more successful.  Just over one day was set aside for discussions related to Mobile Communication Solutions and the rest of the time focused on other key market segments for our Coax and DataVoice divisions, including transportation, test and measurement, IoT, DataCenter, FTTH and FTTB.  We also had the opportunity to offer our partners a tour of the production facilities and stores here in Steinenbronn, which most had not had the chance to see since the large extension.

Apart from the intensive product and market insights, we also undertook an evening programme. The first two evenings we enjoyed some very pleasant and relaxed meals in local restaurants.  On the third evening we had a guided tour of the “Motorworld” Museum in nearby Böblingen, where we could see all kinds of classic and sports cars, some privately-owned and some for sale.  This evening was rounded off with a gala dinner looking down over the beautiful vehicles below.

We would like to thank all the participants for coming to Telegärtner, and for providing so much useful information and experiences about their markets and for the good cooperation with Telegärtner.  We hope that this event will help to bring us even closer to our partners and improve this cooperation even further.