08. May 2017

SIMFix® 4.3-10 Angled Connectors

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Following the successful adoption of the 4.3-10 standard IEC 61169-54: 2016 by the International Electrotechnical Commission (short IEC) the product range of the 4.3-10 series is constantly being expanded.

Especially in Mobile Communications Solutions, for which the 4.3-10 series was primarily developed, the steady portfolio enhancement ensures the high usability of the 4.3-10 series. Telegärtner now also offers the well-known connectors of the SIMFix® product family with a 4.3-10 plug interface for all common corrugated cables.










The 4.3-10 angle plug J01440A3013 supplements the Telegärtner SIMFix® product family.

Like all SIMFix® connectors, the two newly developed angle plugs for ½” superflex and 1/2" feeder cables are characterized by a high variety of compatible cables. Both connectors are designed for up to 10 commercially available cables and ensure the necessary flexibility for installers, because the same tried and tested tools for cable preparation can be used.

Another advantage of these connectors is the return loss value of -38 dB (1 GHz) or - 30 dB (2 GHz), which is outstanding ​​for angled connectors. This means a reflection rate of less than 0.1%. Of course, these outdoor suitable connectors comply with protection class IP68.

With the continuous further development of the 4.3-10 series, Telegärtner meets the rapidly increasing demands in the mobile telecommunications market segment.


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