05. February 2020

We congratulate Hartmut Gärtner
on his 50th company anniversary!

In 2020 Telegärtner is celebrating several anniversaries. In addition to the 75th anniversary of the company, Hartmut Gärtner celebrates his 50th anniversary.


On 02.02.1970, the 25-year-old engineer joined as part of the second generation the small but fine, 19-man telecommunications company, which was founded by his father Karl Gärtner in 1945. A lot has changed since then: The Steinenbronn company, which now operates worldwide, has grown to over 700 employees and has 13 branches in 10 countries. From 1975 to 2015 Hartmut Gärtner headed the company's fortunes as managing director.

From 2011, the successful company manager initiated the successor of the technologically recognized company and handed the company over to his sons Daniel and Florian Gärtner, parts of the third generation. Hartmut Gärtner has been supporting to the company since 2015 with his experience as an executive consultant and member of the advisory board.