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09. February 2018 | Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH

Portfolio Extension at Coaxial Cables
and new Edition of the Brochure 

After reviewing and expanding our cable portfolio of the business unit Coax, also a new edition of our coaxial cables brochure was realized. Besides a design update, the brochure was moreover enhanced with further basic information about the typical design of coaxial cables and about our portfolio in general. 

Another essential part of the reworking is the expansion of the tabular illustration of various technical data of the cables in the portfolio. Not only several new cables, but also some more technical characteristics of the cables were included into the table. In doing so, our customers have a broad range of information about the cables to find the right one for their specific needs.

Generally, Telegärtner also offers suitable connectors for each coaxial cable in the assortment.  Usually the description of the connectors shows the relevant cable group information and thereby which cable is suitable for the connector. Of course nearly every cable that is listed in the brochure is also selectable in our online Coax Configurator.

Download Brochure Coaxial Cables

On our Product Highlight Site you find all technical information and an overview of the portfolio of Coaxial Cables available in bulk rings or on drums