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15. October 2015 | Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH

Industrial requirements for secure and continuous transfer of constantly increasing data volumes demand cabling solutions which are able to keep up with the needs of today and the future. In order to meet ever-increasing requirements, Telegärtner is working constantly to develop new products and to improve the existing product portfolio.

In the area of the family of M12x1 X-coded circular connectors in accordance with IEC 61076-2-109 Telegärtner has develolped a number of new products, which are presented below:

M12x1 X-coded Cat.6A cable & bulkhead sockets for a big variety of connecting cables

The Telegärtner product portfolio of connecting cables has been expanded through the development of an M12x1 X-coded cat. 6A (female) cable/bulkhead socket. The following connecting cable types are now available:

  • Type: L82000A0000: M12x1 X-coded cable socket (female) – M12x1 X-coded cable plugs (male), moulded on both sides in IP67 protection class
  • Type: L84500A0000: M12x1 X-coded cable socket (female), moulded in IP67 protection class on open cable end
  • Type: L82100A0000: M12x1 X-coded bulkhead socket (female) in IP67 (front) protection class on RJ45 cable plug (male) in IP20 protection class (cabinet installation)

Connecting cables are UL listed and are available in different lengths as standard. The UL listed S/FTP 4x2xAWG26/7 Cat.7 bulk cable with PUR-jacket is resistant to oils and UV light, is halogen free and flame-retardant and can be used within a temperature range of -40° to 85°C. In practice, the newly developed connecting cables are used as extension leads, with which existing cabling lengths can be extended with little effort. The class E end-to-end link model in accordance with WD2 ISO/IEC 11801-3 with up to 6 connectors is supported. The cable socket for installation in cabinets or equipment with M16 assembly cut-out for wall thicknesses of 2-4.5mm is a further variant. Panel assembly can be performed either with or without anti-twist protection.

PCB installation sockets (THR) Cat.6A

The (THR) Cat.6A PCB bulkhead sockets – which are X-coded in accordance with IEC 61076-2-109 – are an important part of the STX M12x1 connector series. Telegärtner is enlarging its offer to 90° version bulkhead sockets with minimal housing dimensions. Like the 180° bulkhead socket, the M12x1 90° installation socket features a large number of variants and wide ranging installation options. The PCB borehole pattern with symmetrical shield connection is identical for both types. The introduction of the 90° installation sockets gives component manufacturers even greater flexibility as to how PCBs, sockets and housing can be arranged. The transmission properties of the Category 6A are surpassed by both the 180° and 90° types, guaranteeing device connectivity with up to 1/10Gbit/s Ethernet for current and future applications.


The M12x1-M12x1 coupler represents another new development from Telegärtner: A coupler with a M12x1 X-coded socket on both sides as a mating face in accordance with IEC 61076-2-109, and the transmission properties of the Category 6A. The M12x1-M12x1 coupler is designed for installation in the control cabinet as a cabinet feed-through as well as for flexible on-site installation on top-hat rails, walls and cable runs. It has a proven IP67 degree of protection and is used primarily in harsher environments, such as in automation technology. Using the M12x1-M12x1 coupler, cable sections can be divided into individual segments, so that in case of repair, only sections need be replaced, rather than the entire connecting cable.