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16. August 2016 | Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH

Enhancement of SMA connector portfolio

Continuous portfolio maintenance

as competitive advantage

The continual optimisation of our product series guarantees Telegärtner product solution quality that can meet market needs. Due to ever-stricter requirements, Telegärtner continues further development of SMA connectors for RG-178.

Telegärtner has developed and manufactured coaxial connectors for over 50 years. Their extensive portfolio now includes over 3,000 different connector types. In addition to new mating faces such as the 4.3-10 or innovative variants for new low-loss and measurement cables, existing plugs are also continually optimised.

Trigger for this process is often customer requests, such as the J01150A0601 SMA solder/crimp plug, which has an open solder cup for inner conductor contact and outer conductor crimping. One customer needed a particularly robust, vibration-resistant variant.

SMA Steckverbinder J01150A0601

Development on customers request

The specialists at Telegärtner took advantage of the opportunity to redesign the entire connection area. Cleverly optimised use of materials allowed the shape of the solder pan to be adapted perfectly to the 50 ohm impedance. Particular attention was paid to ensuring that the notch did not compromise the stability of the connector. The result speaks for itself. The break resistance of the new version J01150B0601 has been more than doubled, to 250 N in the connection area.

neuer SMA Steckverbinder J01150B0601

The return loss was also significantly improved:

Frequency earlier (J01150A0601) new (J01150B0601)
1 GHz - 24 dB - 37 dB
2 GHz - 18 dB - 33 dB
3 GHz - 14 dB - 30 dB
4 GHz - 12 dB - 26 dB
5 GHz - 10 dB - 24 dB

These optimisations were used in the similarly designed plugs in the SMC and SMB series – with equally good results.