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23. October 2014 | Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH

New Brochure Mobile Radio Base Stations

Widely expanded portfolio

The development of the mobile radio market and the expansion of the infrastructure for broadband networks (LTE) increasingly set new challenges for manufacturers and installers. Telegärtner supports you in this with a number of innovative ideas and solutions as well as an extended portfolio especially for mobile radio applications.

In the revised brochure "Components for Mobile Radio Base Stations" manufacturers and installers of mobile radio systems will find a wide selection of high frequency, fibre optic and RJ45 components.


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Overview of applications

The wide product portfolio offers numerous application possibilities also in the mobile radio field. The following diagram gives an overview divided into coaxial and network components. Here users can find the right products for their application at a glance.


The new products at a glance

We have listed the products and product groups that have been added to the brochure for you here.

Excellent transmission properties even under mechanical stress


The new connector series 4.3-10, developed especially for the mobile radio market, offers you both excellent values with regard to passive intermodulation and return loss as well as three different closing mechanisms: push-pull, screw and hand-screw; Telegärtner offers you this series as SIMFix connectors for all common corrugated cables and as pre-assembled jumper cables.

Extended jumper cable portfolio

MFB_Jumper.jpgThe previous range of jumpers has also been fully adapted to the increasing market demands. You will now find jumpers for the series 7-16, N and 4.3-10 and in lengths from 0.5 m to 5 m. It is also possible for special applications.

Further technical information about our jumpers can be found here.

Surge protection for broadband applications

MFB_SurgeSuppressor.jpgSurge suppressors protect your base station against too high currents and dissipate these. The reliable  λ/4 Surge suppressors were previously often limited in the frequency range. For the first time, Telegärtner is offering an  λ/4 Surge suppressors for the frequency range from 678 to 2,700 MHz.

RET cables

MFB_RET.jpgRET cables are a direct connection between the Master Control Unit (MCU) and the RET (Remote Electrical Tilt) module. Telegärtner offers you both 8-pin M-F cable and 8-pin socket on water-tight D-Sub. You can connect the Remote Radio Unit to the Remote Control Unit with these cables.

Twisted-pair surge protection

MFB_RJ45_SPD.jpgEffective surge protection is very important especially for twisted-pair cablings.  Structured data cablings with RJ45 components are an important part of modern telecommunications and their 100% availability is the prerequisite for trouble-free data transfer with data rates of up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet. However, there is an enormous risk potential for the connected active components by galvanic, inductive and capacitive couplings as well as potential differences. This means that a suitable RJ45 surge suppressor with potential equalisation must be included in the data cables to protect the active components.

The surge protection  RJ45-SPD (Surge Protection Device), Class EA for data rates up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet and  PoE/PoE+ applications is equipped with a contact overbending protection which allows also RJ11/RJ12 plugs to be plugged without damaging the contacts.

One cable for everything?

MFB_Hybridkabel.jpgWhy not? Hybrid power and fibre optic cable assemblies contain optionally single and multi-mode glass fibres, energy cables and control cables. Individually produced, pre-assembled with factory-assembled plugs in exactly the desired cable length according to customer demands, they ensure very short assembly times and space-saving installation.


MFB_FTTA.jpgFTTA, the continuing trend for glass fibre to the antenna demands resistant and at the same time flexible glass fibre outer cables for multi-mode and single mode fibres. High UV resistance, an extended temperature range and last but not least a reliable rodent protection ensure a long useful life of the cables.

Safe and reliable even under extreme conditions

MFB_TOC.jpgTelecommunications Outdoor Connector, or TOC for short, is the connector housing of the future for harsh environments. With IP68 degree of protection, an extended temperature range of -40 °C to 85 °C and a robust solid metal construction, TOC ensures safe and reliable twisted-pair and glass fibre connections even under extreme conditions.
Individually assemblable with plug, socket or coupling, TOC offers effective protection for RJ45 connections. Whether directly connected laying cables with MFP8 plugs or highly flexible patch cordes, whether for connection of terminating equipment or for connecting two cables with one coupling – TOC protects connections with maximum data rates up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet.
Outdoor glass fibre connections need special protection. TOC protects connections with singlemode and multimode fibres with LC and MPO connections reliably against ambient influences.