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25. October 2013 | Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH


Why high-speed cabling in the data center?


These days, everyone wants to be constantly available and informed "just in time". Smart phones and other communication media make this possible. But everything has its price and a single Internet inquiry needs about 11-14 Wh of electrical power. This change in communication behaviour demands extensive technical adaptations to infrastructures.

Data centers are designed far more compact today than in the past. This becomes particularly clear when we look at the packing densities (number of ports/slots) in the active devices such as blades, servers etc. These packing densities must be transported in practice into a cabling infrastructure that also allows connections of devices to be disconnected or modified quickly and with a little risk as possible. New products such as cabinet systems and high-density cabling components must take heat and energy effort and their costs for the operator into consideration.

Especially for these requirements of data center operators, the Telegärtner portfolio contains products such as the 48-port/1 HU module distributor with the smart AMJ-S module or the Cross Connect Panel CCP32/1 HU among other things.

Individually assembled Hydra cables with copper connectors as well as the MPO/MTP®technology based on fibre optic conductors also ensure stable, secure communication. The multi-fibre FOC connectors with 12 or 24 fibres have been added to the latest edition of the EN 50173-2:2011-09 cabling standard.

40 GBase-T in copper cabling systems

The transmissions between active devices are already secure and established today by parallel, optical data streams up to 40 Gbit/s or even 100 Gbit/s. But it is still a very different story for the copper cabling solutions. Because of the dimensions of computer rooms according to the prEN 50600 series, lengths below 90 metres are often sufficient for parallel transmissions by copper pairs and connectors.

The demand to create solutions here is undisputed internationally and so the IEEE Committee (P 802.3bq) is examining demands for 40Gbit/s over 30 metres with shielded components under the name of NGBase-T (New Generation). The definitions made there are divided into connectors and cable specifications. Therefore the technical committee for connector hardware is already working on the definitions for requirements of category 8 up to 2,000 MHz.

The first cable designs are already available although these so far only cite values up to 1,600 MHz. Consideration of higher values has been postponed for the time being. Two solutions are proposed at present: a category 8.1 and possibly an additional category 8.2.

New in the history of standardisation

This could lead to a splitting within a category for the first time in the standardisation for application-neutral communication systems.

Variant 8.1 features the well-known connector face according to EN 60603-7-x and is downward compatible with the previously known and common connectors of Cat.6A. The product requirements are defined in EN 60603-7-81. The connector faces of category 8.2 include the current connector faces of Cat.7 and Cat7A with the required downward compatibility. The aim of the standardisation is to create international as well as regional definitions by 2015.
Telegärtner will position its own products on the market for the new applications and requirements. For the "here and now" and in order to keep up to date in real time, we recommend FOC and multi-fibre connectors for high-speed transmissions in data centers. These high-speed cabling systems can already be implemented today over a length of more than 30 metres.

Telegärtner technology therefore ensures that our smart phone displays do not stay blank.

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19" Cross Connect Panel

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order number Short name Type Colour
J02022A0059 16 Port Cross Connect Panel CCP32, 1 HU 19", 16 Ports: 32x RJ45, 10 Gigabit Ethernet black

19" Feedthrough panel incl. 48 AMJ Coupler K Cat.6A (4x12), 1 HU, RAL7035 grey

order number: J02024A0007

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19" Feedthrough panel incl. 48 AMJ Coupler K Cat.6A (4x12), 1 HU, RAL7035 grey
Technical Attributes
Short name 19" Feedthrough panel, 1 HU
Type incl. 48 AMJ Coupler K Cat.6A (4x12), cable strain relief and bonding kit
Remarks suitable for RJ45/11/12 plugs
Colour light grey RAL 7035

H06000A0001 Fixing set for patch panels (4 screws M6x16 with nuts)
J00029K0036 AMJ Module K Cat.6A T568A
J00029A0077 AMJ Module K Cat.6A T568B
J00029L0036 AMJ-Module K Cat.6A, T568A, blister package (24 pcs.)
J00029B0077 AMJ-Module K Cat.6A, T568B, blister package (24 pcs.)
H02025A0343 19" patch panel with 5 cable guide bars (plastic)
H02025A0116 Cable Management plate for 19" patch panels 1 HU
B06013A0010 Cable Management bar for 10" / 19" patch panels
H02025A0084 19" Dummy plate 1 HE
H00030A0014 protection cap for RJ45, RAL 1013 alpine white
H00030C0014 protection cap red for RJ45
H00030D0014 protection cap green for RJ45
H00030E0014 protection cap blue for RJ45
H00030F0014 protection cap for RJ45 RAL 9005 black