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03. July 2017 | Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH

New cable splitters with metric threading


Telegärtner redesigned their proven cable splitter for 48 fibers. The new splitter is smaller, handier and even more cost-effective than its predecessor. And it is more modern, too: The classic Pg threading was replaced by a metric M25 threading.

The other cable splitters were redesigned as well. They, too, now come with a metric instead of the classic Pg threading with a now uniform size. As the opening for Pg 13.5 and M20 are nearly the same, Telegärtner now offers M20 cable splitters for 4 to 24 fibers. This is an enormous advantage for customers who build patch panels and distributors themselves, as they now can use one opening size to fix Telegärtner cable trunks from 4 to 24 fibers. These new splitters have become more cost-effective, too.


The new cable splitters are available with IP54 rating as usual. New versions with IP68 rating for outdoor use were added to the portfolio. Together with Telegärtner’s outdoor cables they offer the benefit of a robust, weatherproof, UV resistant outdoor solution. The IP68 splitters are fixed to an outdoor housing for an appropriate sealing. The cables with the fiber optic connectors (the „legs“) are not weatherproof as they are installed safely inside of the housing.

Telegärtner will still offer the old cable splitters for 4 to 8 fibers with PG 9 threading on request presumably until the end of 2017. For customers who still need the Pg size splitters individual solutions can be found, of course.