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12. July 2018

Coaxial Low Loss Cable for buildings with very high safety requirements


The coaxial cable “Low Loss 400 Rail FR LSZH” is now approved according to Construction Products Regulation (CPR) class B2ca-s1a,d1,a1. Originally the cable was predetermined for railway applications in trains due to fulfilling the NFF 16101 norm. With the new CPR flammability class, this cable may be used in hospitals, retirement homes or tunnels for example, depending on specified flammability class and other requirements. The cable is available at Telegartner as 100 m ring or as cable drum with approx. 500 m.

Cables are affected by the CPR when they are installed permanently (“installation cables”) inside buildings or underground in EU member states. The target of the CPR is to prolong the available evacuation time from buildings in case of fire and to set a standard throughout Europe. Along with other measures this will be ensured by using flame retardant, low-smoke and non-toxic cables.

Different flammability classes are recommended or sometimes prespecified by planners for buildings with different safety requirements. Buildings with low safety requirements are for example free-standing buildings with a height lower than 7 m or agricultural use buildings (recommended flammability class Eca). Schools, leisure parks or gyms are characterized with medium safety requirements (Dca). High safety requirements are typical for shopping malls, concert halls or skyscrapers (Cca). Hospitals, retirement homes or tunnels should be equipped with cables for very high safety requirements (B2ca).

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