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11. September 2012


Low Loss Components

The term "low-loss cable" is used to describe a modern type of coaxial cable with special design characteristics and different performance specifications. The advantages of low-loss cable include its high shielding efficiency, lower attenuation, higher power capacity, higher phase stability and lower VSWR.

Unlike "classic" RG cables, low-loss cables have a double layer of shielding and an additional seamless aluminium outer conductor.

Low-loss cable types

There are basically two different types of low-loss cable, namely "low-loss" and "low-loss flexible" cable. The construction of the inner conductor is the point at which they differ, with the flexible design providing slightly higher attenuation. Instead of a solid inner conductor, the flexible version has an inner conductor made of several strands which is what gives this cable its special bending properties and flexibility.

Low Loss Cable


Low Loss Flex Cable

In addition to its extensive selection of RG cables, Telegärtner also supplies a broad range of low-loss cables by the metre, providing you with a one-stop shop for fully compatible low-loss cables and connectors.

Take a look at our online catalogue to see the breadth of our product range.

Connectors for low-loss cables

Telegärtner stocks the N and 7-16 series connectors (DIN) which are suitable for low-loss cables. They come in two different designs:

Crimp-on Design

The crimp-on design is very compact and robust and boasts excellent performance, with return loss atThe inner and outer conductors are crimped using a crimping tool. This is a very safe method of termination in terms of electrics and mechanics.

Field-terminable Type 67

The field-terminable connectors can be assembled without any special tools. No crimping or soldering is necessary. These types of connection are frequently used for aerials, wireless applications and broadband communication - wherever high-performance connections are needed for low-loss transmission and low insertion loss.

Both types are made at Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH to the highest quality standards. The connectors developed by Telegärtner and made in Germany have a mating face conforming to IEC 61169-16 (N series) or IEC 60169-4 (7-16 series) and are designed for more than 500 cycles of operation.

The connectors are suitable for Telegärtner G37 cables (2.7/7.4) or Low Loss 400 cables. After plugging in, a secure connection is guaranteed by a spring contact on the inner conductor and a clamp contact on the outer conductor. Reliable seals shield the connection from external influences. The connectors are RoHS-compliant, conform to protection class IP67, and can withstand ambient temperatures of -30 to +100° C.