08. May 2017

Jumper Cables and SIMFix® Connectors tested by TILAB Institute


A determining factor in guaranteeing interference free transmission of mobile radio signals is passive intermodulation caused by mechanical stress. TILAB tested Telegärtner jumper cables as well as connectors with excellent results.

The mobile communications market is evolving fast, especially concerning frequencies and networks. The first 5G networks are already planned for 2018 in Japan and South Korea. With the growing number of frequencies, as well as the increased demand for bandwidths and data rates, the threat of disturbances to signal transmission caused by intermodulation increases as well. Efficient and high quality products are required for interference free transmission.

Facing this challenge, Telegärtner has had their eight most commonly used products tested by in the independent TILAB Institute.

Tested Components

Jumper Cable Type Connector Type Length
L00011D0185 1/2" Superflex 7-16 2 m
L00011D0187 1/2" Superflex 7-16 / 7-16 90° 2 m
L00011A0461 1/2" Superflex 7-16 / 4.3-10 2 m
L00011A0436 1/2" Superflex 4.3-10 2 m
Product Product Number Connector Type Cable size
Telegärtner connector J01120G0085 7-16 1/2"
Telegärtner connector J01440A0007 4.3-10 1/2"
Draka cable RFA 172" - 50   1/2"
Telegärtner connector J01120A0104 7-16 7/8"
Telegärtner connector J01440A0008 4.3-10 7/8"
Draka cable RFA 7/8" L-50   7/8"


Test Setup

The measurements were carried out at GSM900, GSM1800 and UMTS2100 frequencies. The dynamic PIM test was only carried out at GSM1800.

During the dynamic measurement the cable is rotated, in a diameter of 66mm for ½” cables and 102mm for 7/8” cables, being measured constantly during the process. The cable is rotated at a distance of 15 times the cable diameter.

Test Setup for the dynamic PIM  measurement


The Results

All the products mentioned above passed the static and dynamic test series and are approved for 3G and 4G networks.

All detailed measurement results are available in our printed brochure “Validation Test Report”.  This is available upon request.


Abstract from the brochure „Validation test Report“ with the measurement results for L00011D0185

The new jumper cables as well as all SIMFix-connectors whether 7-16, N or 4.3-10 are available from stock.