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19. February 2015 | Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH


For more flexibility in cabling

Field assembly RJ45 connectors

The MFP8-4x90 Cat.6A is the logical extension of the field-assemblable RJ45 connector series. The advantages of the conventional MFP8 Cat. 6A such as easy assembly, robust die-cast zinc housing and wire manager have been extended by a variable 90° cable outlet and a totally new cabling flexibility has been created.

The angled connector is used wherever limited space conditions do not allow the use of the conventional MFP8. Its variable cable outlet in four 90° steps enables a situation-related cable entry or outlet. Bending radii can be observed and wear on cables reduced.

Confined spaces as they are found, for example, in the dense arrangement in the switch cabinet, require cabling of the active and passive components that is adapted to the situation. The MFP8-4x90 Cat.6A is also used here which, like the conventional MFP8, can be assembled quickly and easily on site and ensure optimum connection of the components and use of space.

The angled RJ45 connector is used in the office and computer centre environment as well in the industrial environment and home cabling – whenever a straight plug no longer meets the cabling requirements. Just like the conventional MFP8 the angled variant can be installed without special tools, wire cutters and pliers wrench are sufficient.

The MFP8-4x90 Cat.6A offers flexibility you have never seen before which revolutionises situation-related cabling.

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