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06. July 2017 | Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH

New Brochure:
Connectors for Low Loss Cables

During the last years, low loss cables have gained more and more popularity compared to traditional RG-type cables due to their superior electrical characteristics. Telegärtner recognizes this and acknowledges this tendency by providing further suitable connectors for low loss cables. 

The main applications for low loss cables are any kind of wireless communication, especially where RF signals need to be carried over distances between base stations and antennas with lowest possible loss. Applications may be for example Wireless Local Loop (WLL), (Industrial) WLAN or Professional/Land Mobile Radio (PMR/LMR).

With the new brochure “Connectors for flexible Low Loss RF Cables”, Telegärtner is building a bridge between this popular coax cable family and suitable high-quality connectors. The brochure is available in German and English.

Low Loss Cable Types

Low loss cables are known as modern coaxial cables that are emphasized by their special construction and performance characteristics. The benefits of a low loss cable are for instance the high screening effectiveness, lower insertion loss, higher transferable power, higher phase stability and lower voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR). Low loss cables are double shielded by an outer conductor braid and an additional aluminum compound foil that many “classical” RG-type coaxial cables do not have.

Generally we distinguish between two kinds of low loss cable types: “Low Loss” and “Low Loss Flex”. These cables differ by their inner conductor design. The Flex design has a stranded inner conductor instead of a solid one as in standard types. This makes the design more flexible and gives the cable better bending properties.

LowLossKabel.jpg                LowLossKabel-flex.jpgLow Loss cable                                                                  Low Loss Flex cable                                                       

Cable Groups

The coaxial cables at Telegärtner are categorized in different cable groups according to their dimensions. For example, the Low Loss 100 (Flex) is assigned to cable group G7, the Low Loss 195 to cable group G1 and the Low Loss 240 to cable group G30. These cable groups allow you to easily and quickly find suitable connectors in the coax catalogue for similar cables from different manufacturers. If some dimensions are known, it is simple to find out, in which cable group a cable can be assigned as well. For this purpose, Telegärtner also offers an online tool with a convenient filter function.

Connection methods for coaxial connectors

Beside the overview of the features of low loss cables, the brochure also shows some types of connection and their benefits. Generally there are different ways to connect coaxial Telegärtner connectors to cables: crimping, clamping, soldering and spring contact. Especially the field mount types with a special spring contact for the inner conductor can be connected easily without using special tools as long as the cable is prepared properly. Therefore neither soldering nor crimping is required. However, Telegärtner naturally offers the required tools for crimping if required when using other connector types.

Additions to portfolio

In addition to bridging the low loss cables and suitable connectors by creating the new brochure, existing connectors for this cable family were specifically improved and gaps in the portfolio were closed. By constructional changes and new designs of especially the cable clamps of selected connectors for the BNC, TNC, UHF and N series, Telegärtner was able to achieve transverse sealing by IP67. Besides ensuring that no gases or humidity can get into the system at the cable-connector-interface as well as at the connector body, Telegärtner also managed to improve the electrical values significantly (particularly return loss).

Brochure Low Loss Cable for download

On our Product Highlight Site you find all technical information and an overview of the portfolio of Connectors for flexbile Low Loss RF Cables.