02. June 2014

New Website of Telegärtner Group

At June 03, 2014, the completely re-designed website of Telegärtner group goes online. All companies in the Telegärtner Group will merge their existing websites and present themselves henceforth under a common website:

Without loop ways to the request information

The basic idea behind the new Telegärtner group website is to make available exactly the wanted information from the entire portfolio of the whole group - in just a few clicks. How consistently this idea was implemented, is already evident at the first glance on the home page:

Various entry possiblities smooth the way for interested persons and customers to the relevant information throughout the whole Telegärtner Group:

  • Products and Services
  • Markets and Application Fields
  • Information material and Catalogues
  • Downloads and Tools
  • Contact and Representations

Frequently used functions, well-known from the old web presences of the individual companies such as online catalogues or configurators, are accessible by direct link from the home page.

But beside the navigation structure, the joint presence of Telegärtner Group also has several new features that make it easier for visitors to get the information he needs for himself or his work.