10. August 2015


More RJ45 patch cords UL listed


With the new shielded and unshielded Cat. 6A patch cords S/FTP Cat.6A AWG 30/7 MP8 FS500 and U/UTP Cat.6A AWG 24/7 MP8 500, Telegärtner is setting the standards once again. Both patch cords are UL listed, documenting that the cords meet UL’s high and internationally reknown safety standards – an important feature for successful international product placement.

Structured cabling is the predominant design in cabling infrastructure in office blocks, data centres, residential buildings and industrial premises. Customers demand value for money as far as the installed components are concerned, but consider patch cords just as cheap wearing parts. The full channel performance, however, can only be guaranteed with high-quality patch cords.

This is why Telegärtner has developed the two new patch cord series U/UTP Cat.6A AWG24/7 and S/FTP Cat. 6A AWG30/7 and added it to its portfolio. Both cord types have an LSZH jacket, are UL listed and are the perfect choice for 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

Innovative details

The very small outer diameter of the new shielded patch cords offers a significant space advantage and much smaller thermal load.

Like all Telegärtner patch cord, the new cord families are high quality products with innovative product details: An easy to handle, reliable latch protection makes patching easy, even in high port density applications. The new patch cords can be ordered in a huge variety of cable lengths.

S/FTP AWG 30/7


U/UTP AWG 24/7


Reliable testing is challenging

How can you know whether you have a high quality patch cord?

Testing patch cord according to Category 6A isn’t easy at all. Physics is much more demanding than one may think, and precise, reliable Cat. 6A testing is tricky. Telegärtner was the first company worldwide that was able to develop a test adapter for repeatable and reliable testing of patch cords according to Category 6A. These tests also confirm compliance with the specifications of ISO/IEC 61935-2 Ed. 3.


UL confirms compliance with international safety requirements

Underwriter Laboratories (UL) have listed Telegärtner’s new patch cords, which means they meet the American and Canadian safety requirements.

The file number is a distinct alphanumeric identifier. It starts with a letter to identify the product category, followed by three to six numbers. Telegärtner’s Cat. 6A RJ45 patch cords MP8 500 belong to the product category “Communications Cable” (“DUZX” for the U.S.A., “DUZX7” for Canada). Cables and cords of this category are multi-conductor cables or coax cables with one or more conductors for communication applications inside of a building. There are several types, i.e. “CMP”, “CMR”, “CMG”, “CM”, “CMX” and “CL2”.

The UL file number of Telegärnter’s listed RJ45 patch cords is E344985. (“E” stands for the electrical/electronic part). 

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