29. May 2019

NGMN Forum: Telegärtner expert knowledge for compact RF connectors

The forums of the Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance bring together leading mobile communications experts from around the world. Research institutes, network operators, infrastructure suppliers, antenna manufacturers and suppliers meet to design the future generations of mobile networks. As one of the leading RF technology companies, Telegärtner develops innovative, high-performance connectors and thus helps shape the future of mobile networks. Dr. Kai Numssen, Vice President Research & Development and Quality Management at Telegärtner, accepted the invitation from the NGMN Forum on May 14-15 in Berlin and spoke about the topic "New small-size RF connectors for 5G equipment".

The upcoming 5G mobile radio networks will transmit unprecedented amounts of data. High-resolution videos, virtual reality, the Internet of Things, and autonomous driving will generate data volumes that cannot be handled with conventional technologies.

Especially in highly frequented areas (such as stadiums or city centres), mobile radio networks are therefore supplemented with small cells in order to increase network coverage and make 5G a reality. However, these smaller antennas also require smaller connectors than conventional mobile radio antennas.

Another trend is multiband MIMO antennas, where more and more mobile radio bands are integrated into one antenna. For this purpose, a large number of connectors must be accommodated in the base plate of the antenna. This requires RF connectors with the smallest possible dimensions and the highest possible RF performance.

The increasing mobile radio coverage in trains, ships and large buildings via distributed antenna systems (DAS) also  drives the demand for space-saving, high-performance RF connectors.

Telegärtner recognized these market requirements early on and developed pioneering solutions for the new 5G standard with the connector series 2.2-5 and 1.5-3.5.

Detailed information on both series can be found here

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