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11. October 2012 | Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH


Certified RJ45 patch cords

Cat.6A certified RJ45 patch cords now UL listed

Transmission properties at the highest level, compliance with national and international safety regulations with listing by the "Underwriter Laboratories" ("UL") test institution and fast availability of many different types in stock; these are the performance characteristics of the RJ45 Cat.6A patch cords MP8 FS500 from Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH.

Verification of international safety regulations

The design of high quality networks does not only demand high quality RJ45 outlets, patch panels or modules; the patch cords also have to meet high demands, offer reserves and provide the necessary bandwidth up to the active devices. The transmission performance of the high quality RJ45 Cat.6A patch cords MP8 FS500 with 90°, 180° and 270° cable boots from Telegärtner is confirmed by a component certificate according to Category 6A in accordance with ISO/IEC 11801 AMD2 (2010-04) and is continuously monitored by the independent "GHMT" test laboratory as part of the "Premium Verification Program".


Besides the transmission properties, the testing with regard to international safety regulations does play an important role for many Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH customers. This requirement has been provided for. The RJ45 Cat.6A patch cords MP8 FS500 have been tested by the "Underwriter Laboratories" ("UL") test laboratory according to the applicable safety regulations in the USA and Canada and their compliance confirmed.




The listing by "UL" is completed by assignment of the so-called "file number". The "file number" is a unique alphanumeric identification assigned by "UL" to distinguish between manufacturers within certain product categories. The first character of the "file number" is a letter which represents the product category followed by 3 to 6 characters. The RJ45 Cat.6A patch cords MP8 FS500 fall into the "Communications Cable" category ("DUZX" for USA, "DUZX7" for Canada). Cables and wires detailed in this standard are multiconductor cables and single or multiconductor coaxial cables for use in telecommunications infrastructure inside buildings. The types "CMP", "CMR", "CMG", "CM", "CMX", "CL2" are discriminated between.


The "file number" for the "UL" listed RJ45 patch cords is E244889. ("E" stands for the electrical/electro-technical part). The "file number" of the high quality bulk cable S/FTP 4x2xAWG27/7 Cat.7 LSZH used for assembly is E344985. The "UL" listing mark is printed on the cable jacket next to the product category "CM". The packing additionally carries the C-UL-US marking. The labels of the RJ45 patch cords also carry the C-UL-US marking.

Details about the types can be found under

We remain active for your reliable, best-performing connections world-wide and look forward to making a helpful contribution on your way to (inter)national sales.
Other UL listed products are the MFP8 Cat.6A plug and the STX RJ45 Modul Cat.6A. The RJ45 plug Cat.6A MP8(8)FS is listed as a UL recognized component.