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23. October 2014 | Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH

Quality beyond standards

A high performance, structured cabling system has to offer more than just high quality connecting hardware. Tests and certificates issued by accredited test laboratories are a proof for the performance capability of a product in the entire cabling system.

Component certificates are one thing. But does the entire installation also meet the specifications by the standards in practice? To prove this, manufacturer-independent and 3rd party test laboratories conduct measurements and certify not only the connecting hardware itself but also the transmission properties of a complete cabling systems.

2 Connector Permanent Link, Class EA

Once installing individual components (connectors, installation and patch cables) in a permanent link or channel link, the performance classes of the appropriate specification documents, e.g. ISO IEC 11801 or DIN EN 50173  Class D, Class E or Class EA have to be followed. In a laboratory, the link performance which is determined both by the performance capability of the used individual components but above all by their compatibility with each other, is measured on these combinations.

For the Telegärtner AMJ-Module K Cat.6A and AMJ-S Module Cat.6A a cabling system according to a 2-Connector-Permanent Link Class EA has been certified by the GHMT in connection with the installation cables of series AMJ 500, AMJ 1000 and AMJ 1300.



Planners, installers and network operators can therefore look forward to a reliable network infrastructure. Telegärtner offers the a 25 year guarantee for cabling components on the Permanent Link installation. The System Guarantee DataVoice PLUS25 ensures that even decades after their installation, the Telegärtner cabling systems will still reliably comply with the applicable cabling standards requirements in the long term.