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16. May 2012


RF connectors – automatically good

Highly automated production of BNC / TNC connectors

Video technology, telecommunications, measuring and test technology – coaxial RF connectors have always been used wherever highest quality and reliability are demanded at high and very high frequencies. But good connectors need to have more than just considerable reserves in comparison with the standard values, they also need fast availability.

In these fast-moving times, no customer is willing to wait very long for a product solution however good it may be. The capability to deliver just-in-time is often just as crucial to success or failure as the technical data.

Fast availability paired with highest quality can only be achieved with a highly automated production. Telegärtner invested early in automated assembly for this reason. A high-precision assembly line for the production of BNC and TNC connectors went into operation in 1992.

Since then more than 35 million BNC and more than 4 million TNC connectors have been produced in almost 100 different types. That means on average almost two million HF connectors per year – or 8,000 a day. And if you like statistics: That is 1,000 connectors per hour or one every three and a half seconds.

An impressive record, made possible by Telegärtner's decades of experience in the field of coaxial HF connectors.

A great advantage here is that development, production and quality assurance are all concentrated at a single site in Germany. This site advantage ensures a constantly high production quality and special high quality customised solutions are possible in the shortest time.
From the jointly developed idea, simulations and prototypes to the finished product - all from one place.

"Made in Germany" as it should be. And while you are reading this article the machine is working on the fortieth million with German diligence...