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20. July 2016

RJ45 Trunk Cables in the TICNET Configurator

TICNET configurator now with pre-terminated RJ45 trunk cables

Pre-terminated cables that can be just plugged into patch panels and outlets have TICNET_Start_Trunk_en.jpgbecome more and more common. Instead of being terminated on-site under often difficult conditions, pre-terminated cables can be just pulled and plugged in or clicked into place. Such solutions are common in fibre optic networks, and in more and more projects pre-terminated copper cables are used as well.

In many data centers, copper cables may not be terminated on-site anymore. The risk of fine wires of the cut braid screen travelling in the air stream and being pulled into switches and servers, where they cause shorts on the electronic boards, is just too high. Also, in many cases the procedures and maintenance schedules just do not admit extensive installation work. Pre-terminated cables can be layed whenever the schedule admits and just have to be plugged in or clicked into place when the new racks arrive.

Pre-terminated solutions offer enormous benefits in building networks as well: Anyone who has terminated a cable for a WLAN access point, an IP camera or an IP sensor while standing on a high ladder appreciates the benefits of a pre-terminated cable that can just be plugged in.

Therefore Telegärtner adds the function to configure copper trunk cables to the proven TICNET configurator. Just like the fiber optic trunk cables and the copper and fiber optic patch cords, copper trunk cables can now be configured online with just a few mouse klicks. Users can select from a large variety of shielded cables from category 6 A to category 7A and unshielded cables from category 6 to category 6A and configure trunks with one, four, six, eight or twelve cables with plugs, jacks or both. They can select the length and exit orientation of the cable stubs for an easy installation as well as colour-coded lables.

From simple consolidation point cable assembly for desks to larger bundles of trunk cables for high-performance data centers – all cables come pre-tested, meeting Telegärtner’s high quality levels.

The RJ45 copper trunk function is online in Telegärtner’s TICNET configurator in English, German and French.