01. March 2019

Telegärtner goes Africa

Burkina Faso, Africa: Telegaertner is actively involved in the development of the mobile networks. With the introduction of 4G components in early 2019 in Burkina Faso, technical teams of mobile phone operators must adapt quickly.

Guillaume Capette, Sales Manager Africa at Telegaertner together with Noël Agoualé, Sales Manager of Telegaertner local distributor Connect’in, had the pleasure to provide a technical training to the two major mobile phone operators of the country, Orange and Telmob.
Topics include the development of 2G-3G-4G and 5G perspectives, the transition of connector standards from 7-16 to 4.3-10 and 2.2-5, FO components for outdoor radio infrastructure and FTTH applications.