04. September 2012

Telegärtner Group

Telegärtner expands through new acquisitions


New Member of the Telegärtner Group

The Telegärtner Group has taken over its longstanding partner in the U.K. for processing of sale of coaxial connectors. Quadrant Connection Ltd. (QCL), with about 90 employees in factories in London and Slovakia became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Telegärtner Group in the second half of 2011 and will in future be incorporated in the company as a 'Member of the Telegärtner Group'.

In addition to expanding the capacities for coaxial products, the sale of network products will be built up in the UK through QCL.
Telegärtner has also acquired a share in the Swiss Drahtex AG and has therefore added further fiber optic products to its portfolio.

“The incorporation of our longstanding partner into the group fold is, for us, an important step in expanding our market share in coaxial and network products in the UK,” explained Daniel Gärtner, the man responsible for investment management of the Telegärtner Group, and Managing Director of QCL in Welham Green, in North London, with regard to future orientation of the company. With the takeover of Quadrant Connection Ltd. (QCL), a coaxial connector processor, founded in 1980, Telegärtner is entering the production of medium and high quantities of customized, pre-assembled coaxial cables.

The British company, with a production site in Slovakia, has been a longstanding, strategic partner of the Telegärtner Group and specialises in the production, processing and sale of pre-assembled RF cables with semi-rigid cables, flexible cables and corrugated cables. In addition, the new acquisition also serves as a central point for kick-starting the development of sales channels for Telegärtner networking components in the UK.

Purchase of Production Site in Eastern Europe

The purchase of the QCL operation in Prešov, Slovakia is also interesting for the Telegärtner Group. Florian Gärtner, responsible for Production at the Telegärtner Group, outlines the goals: “With the evaluation of the European production capacity for wage-intensive products we will be able to produce these and offer them on the world market at increasingly competitive prices.”

The share in the Drahtex AG, also acquired by the Telegärtner Group in 2011, expands the portfolio of fiber optic products and at the same time opens up the Swiss market for Telegärtner in the field of structured cabling. The incorporation of QCL and Drahtex are indications of the sound growth structure which the family business has been pursuing for many years and the continuous progress to which the company management has sworn allegiance.

The commitment in these three countries is an important step towards an even more powerful group in a globalised market. This growth policy will continue in 2012.