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28. February 2014

Extension for TICNET-Configurator

The "Modular FO Distribution System" and "FO Wall Boxes and Splice Boxes" product ranges were added to the TICNET Configurator. These two FO fields are already familiar from the DataVoice Office catalogue and can now be assembled even easier by the modular Telegärtner principle. Possible sources of error are ruled out by the menu-guided assembly.

The TICNET Configurator from Telegärtner provides customers with the possibility of configuring individual products. Unique special products can therefore be offered in addition to products in the catalogues. Until now, products from the areas of "FO Patch Panels", "FO ready-to-install fibre optic links", "FO Patch Cords and Pigtails" as well as "RJ45 Patch Cordes" could already be assembled specifically.

The following applies for all TICNET product ranges: If individual components are wanted in place of a complete, terminated system, these can still be found as usual of course in the DataVoice Office catalogue.

Modulare FO Distribution System

In the "Modular FO Distribution System" a 19" 3 HU module carrier fully assembled with FO modules can be configured in addition to individual FO modules (3 HU, 7 PU). Up to 12 modules can be inserted and fixed by 2 screw connections per module carrier. Up to 24 fibres can be accommodated per module. The FO modules are available in different versions. On the one hand, modules for pre-assembled cables which are practically equipped with adaptors and optionally with a cable gland are available. One the other hand, modules with adaptors and integrated splice storage are available. If required, pigtails in OS2, OM4, OM3, OM2 or OM1 unicoloured or coloured according to DIN VDE 0888 / IEC 60304 can be added which are delivered already plugged into the adaptors. Dummy plates are automatically inserted in the unused slots of the module carrier to protect sensitive fibres against soiling.

FO Wall Boxes and Splice Boxes

The "FO Wall Boxes and Splice Boxes" range offers a large number of different possibilities for distributing and splicing fibres with 9 different housings. The housings are made either of halogen-free and flame-retardant thermoplastic or powder-coated steel plate. With these, up to 384 fibres can be spliced or 192 fibres can be spliced and distributed simultaneously. The splice boxes and distributors are fastened either on top hat rail (STX Mounting Rail Distributor) or to the wall.

They are available with protection class IP20, IP54 or also IP66. A lockable housing is available (Compact Splice Box) to prevent unauthorised access. Pigtails are offered in OS2, OM4, OM3, OM2 or OM1, in unicoloured or coloured according to DIN VDE 0888 / IEC 60304 which are delivered already plugged into adaptors. Free adaptor spaces in front plates can be filled with covers to prevent soiling. In addition, customers can choose between different splice cassettes and splice protection types (crimp, shrink, micro-shrink).

Configurator variants of our subsidiaries

The TICNET Configurator can not only be found on the Telegärtner head office homepage but also on those of the subsidiaries Drahtex AG (Switzerland), Telegärtner UK Ltd. and Telegärtner Slovakia A.S. For better handling, the price display has been converted to the respective national currency – i.e. SFr., £ and €.

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Further product range and improvements are already in progress to expand the TICNET Configurator and make it even easier to use – you can look forward to it!