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25. October 2013


What does "UL" actually stand for?

Underwriters Laboratories listing

UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories and is an independent safety science company which tests and certifies products in respect of their safety. If the relevant sample passes the test in any given case, it merits a "listing" which can be seen online at
The global test institution was set up in 1894 and is based in Northbrook in the US state of Illinois.

The listing on the website satisfies the documentation requirements. As such, the UL does not issue any test reports which can be passed on to end customers. It is up to the manufacturer to put the relevant logos and marks of conformity on the product itself or on the packaging.


In this example, the label indicates that the product is listed by UL USA and UL Canada (C -> Canada, US -> USA). All products made by Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH which are UL-listed are certified by both UL USA and UL Canada.




Communication Circuit Accessories and Components

In its listing system UL basically differentiates between completed products and raw materials.

The RJ45 Cat.6A patch cords are listed by UL as completed products (L00000A0072 and comparable products). The relevant file number is E244889 for Communication Circuit Accessories.

Other products found under this test number:

  • MFP8 (all types)
  • UFP8 (all types)
  • AMJ-S Module (all Typs)
  • STX Module (all types)

Communication Circuit Components are also listed under the same file number E244889.



Products in this category are said to be "recognised" and so there is a different logo on packaging and labels. The recognised status again applies to both UL USA and UL Canada.




In Telegärtner's case this is the MP8(8) FS RJ45 crimp plug = J00026A0165, J80026A0000, J80026A0001, J80026A0002.

Cable and raw material

The reels of copper cable needed to make the RJ45 Cat.6A patch cord (L00000A0072 and comparable products) are listed separately under file number E344985 Communications Cable.

There is also a brief introduction to the subject in an article in the "Telegram" newsletter
Cat.6A certified RJ45 patch cords now UL-listed

Cable and connection products, which are manufactured from raw materials which are in turn made from granulated materials (wire insulation, sheathing) and which have also had their combustibility tested by UL, may carry an inscription/logo to this effect:

-> AWM style -> Appliance wire material
-> UL94V0 -> Flammability class 0 as rated by UL standard

This does not mean, however, that the completed product is UL-listed and may be marketed as such. The declaration regarding the materials can be duly included in data sheets and catalogues.

Unfortunately, the structure organised in this way by UL is somewhat confusing. Requests often come in for certificates, test reports and similar documents which are not available due to the way in which the UL system works.

The following is clear, however:
A listed product can always be recognised as such by the label and by the listing in the UL online database.