19. December 2019

The Telegärtner wish tree – also this year a complete success



Christmas – the festival of joy and gifts – is just around the corner. However, there are many children in Stuttgart who will not find any gifts under the Christmas tree. Particularly at Christmas, Telegärtner wants to think about those who aren’t able to fulfil their dreams when they want to. This is why the family-owned company Telegärtner, together with the Evangelische Gesellschaft Stuttgart e.V. (eva), also implemented the Telegärtner wish tree campaign this year.

100 children and adolescents in need from three regional institutions where asked to write down their wishes on wish lists and hang them on the wish tree. As in the previous year, employees and the management made the children’s wishes come true.

No wonder there was such a big crowd and so many people taking part in the handing over of presents on Thursday lunch. Employees, management and representatives of the three participating regional institutions of eva Stuttgart admired the many gifts under the wish tree.

This year the wishes come from the three institutions Wohnprojekt ROSA, Schwangerenberatung Stuttgart and Hilfen zur Erziehung Hallschlag / Münster.

Wohnprojekt ROSA

The Wohnprojekt ROSA accepts young migrant women throughout Germany who seek protection because they are threatened by forced marriage and so-called “violence in the name of honour” by their families.


The Schwangerenberatung advises pregnant women, couples, single parents and families on pregnancy, birth, partnership and much more.

Hilfen zur Erziehung

In line with the German Child and Youth Welfare Act, legal guardians have the opportunity and the right to be supported in the upbringing of their children. The appropriate assistance is devised together with the parents and the experts from the Youth Welfare Office and delivered by the socio-educational experts from eva.